Friday, June 14, 2013

Oldies!! Lululemon Spirit Pullover & Leader of the Track Skirt!

I couldn't believe it until I received the package in the mail today - I got a Lululemon Spirit Pullover in black on ebay for $45!!!  I used to have this pullover in bright blue, and I sold it on ebay a couple years ago for close to $200.  I loved this pullover but it was too warm for the weather in SoCal since it's made of tech fleece and I never wore it much, so I decided to stop keeping a museum piece and let it go.  Of course I regretted it from time to time, but I am glad that I got the black one now because I think this is gorgeous in black!  And of course the price!!!  I'm still in shock... to me this is one of the best items Lululemon has ever made.  The seller didn't know the name of this pullover so the listing just said something like "Lululemon black hoodie".  But I still figured it would go for more than that!  Not that I'm complaining.  I just think this price is ridiculous for the Spirit Pullover!!  In fact, I paid right away and crossed my fingers that the seller wouldn't change her mind about selling it lol.  Well, it's here now so I can breathe easier!  And it's in perfect condition!

I think the reflective details on this pullover are so beautiful and whimsical.  You just never see stuff like this from Lulu anymore, or anyone else really.  The pony tail hole in the hood is excellent!!  This pullover just looks so different, and I am really digging it in black.  When they first released it in 2009, I had wished they would have made the bright blue one in solid, instead of blue and black color blocking.  I almost got the power purple one instead of the bright blue back then because power purple was solid.  But the reflective details are not as obvious on the purple one as the black because they used silver on purple and black on the blue one, which stands out way more.  

So this is a size 4 like my old one.  But I feel like this one fits snugger, especially in the shoulders.  It's been years though, so I can't be sure.  I just remember not being perfectly happy with the shoulder design.  But it looks and feels a lot better in this one.  

Left arm

Right arm

I'm so happy!!!  Of course, it is still going to be too warm for the weather here but I'll wear it as to and from, or just as a hoodie.  The solid black looks less athletic wear than my old one did, so I'll be able to pull it off easier!

My other score from ebay was is the Leader of the Track skirt in bold blue plaid for $22.  I don't even think I browse on ebay all that often, but I've been getting some good deals lately!  I guess it pays to browse.  I love plaid print, but I don't own any Lulu items with plaid, other than my Jump Start gym bag in foxy plaid.  So this is my first clothing item that has it!  I remember at the time this print came out, I liked it but all the tops that came out in it were pretty ugly.  I remember this short boxy jacket in this print... it was horrid.  I can't remember the name of it.  It went to mark down for very low but I wouldn't wear it if they paid me.

This skirt definitely fits on the loose side.  I got it in my normal size 4, but it fits a little big on me.  Sad!!  Well... not so big that it's unwearable.  Just would look better a little more fitted I think.  I still like it though!  I want to wear my skirts more, and I think this would be so cute for tennis!

Little pocket on the side for tennis ball!!

Inner shorts

So yeah, it fits a little poofy and makes me look like I have no ass.  Oh well.  I love the print still!  For $22 I'm totally cool with this.

I think this skirt is also from 2009, around the same time as the Spirit Pullover.  Bold blue is one of my favorite colors.  I still looooove my bold blue Run Brisk.  Only if I knew things would start going downhill back then, I would have bought so much more stuff!


  1. You look like an incredibly fit ninja girl in all black. Beautiful as always! I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. hi ! you look like youve toned up a lot ! yourtraining and new diet has paid off for ya :)
    how envious !!
    request for a gym workout routine and diet entry please !thank you in advance :)

    love from sunny singapore !

    1. Thank you! I do post my workouts and food from time to time. Food really makes most of the difference I think... lots of lean protein and healthy carbs and fat. My macro caloric ratio is probably 35/35/30 (protein/carb/fat). All "normal" food. And lift heavy at the gym!

  3. Could you share where you found your online personal trainer? You're looking great!!

  4. Nice ebay scores! I have been shopping for some older lululemon there too.

    I wish lulu would bring back the plaids - that Foxy plaid gym bag is amazing. I've been waiting to purchase a lulu gym bag since December 2011, and nothing has really grabbed me. The designs are all so generic and boring now. The closest I came to a purchase was the tan and white striped canvas yoga duffle with the bleached coral accents... now that I see what is currently on offer I'm totally regretting not picking it up!

    1. I have not liked ANY lulu bags at all for like 3 years lol. And they hiked up their price considerably!! I thought the Jump Start bag was expensive at $78! My Bon Voyage Duffle was only $120ish and is so much better than anything else they came out with in the past few years. And now they are going for $150ish?!? I don't know who's paying that kind of money for their sub-par gym bags nowadays.


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