Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lolë - Another Brand to Fall IN LOVE With!

Do you think I've been a little ADD lately with trying out different workout brands?  You are probably right.  But hey, now that more and more players are in the game making feminine, quality workout clothing, Lululemon's reign will surely be over at some point in the not too distant future.  Might as well start considering other options and prepare to jump ship.  One of these brands will become the next "Lululemon".  It is a cruel world.  Lol.

Ok, seriously, I just really like finding cute workout clothes.  I feel like my Lululemon pieces used to be much more special when not many others at the gym had it.  Now it is on practically every single girl.  My current gym is especially bad, I see girls with the newest releases all the time.  They must go to the store the same day new stuff hits the floor.  But I have to say, at the same time, I have also noticed more and more girls wearing various other brands instead of being exclusively Lululemon all the time.

I am partial to many of my beloved (mostly older) Lulu pieces, and those are the standards that I compare everything else to.  That's why I get so excited when I am able to find pieces that live up to, and even surpass those standards from lines like Splits59, Lorna Jane, Lija, and now... Lolë!  (What's up with all the L's?)

It's funny because I had been checking out Lolë's website for a while, and have actually meant to go to an REI store to try on some stuff but haven't had the chance to.  They are actually opening a Santa Barbara store soon, which I saw the store front of when I was there last weekend.  So it was rather coincidental when Gilt City had a promotion of $50 for $100 online credit at Lolë, or $100 for $200 credit.  I bought the $100 for $200 credit and used it to get 4 tanks right away!  I posted the link on my facebook page as well, so I hope more of you were able to take advantage of this offer too!

Their price range looks to be very comparable to Lululemon.  One interesting thing I noticed is that a lot of their materials offer 50+ UV protection.  That's definitely an incentive if you workout outside a lot.  I don't, but I'm not complaining.  I think their website is very pretty and they list the length of tanks which is very important info to have.  But one peeve I have with it is that it only shows the back of products in the main color they choose.  You can click on the other color options of a tank and all you see is the front.  I need to see the back!!  It makes it a bit of a guessing game.  But they do offer free shipping and return shipping, and if you have problems with their products, you can go back to them within a year!!!  That's awesome!!!

Out of the 4 tanks I got, I am in love with 3!  The other one is not bad, but it doesn't blow my mind and I think I rather exchange it for something else.  But I love love love the 3 that I got!  So here they are...

First the Fly Tank Top in fusion coral:

The material is of this top feels like Lululemon's luxtreme.  So it's silky smooth and feels cool to the touch.  The description states 85% polyester and 15% elastane.  But it doesn't have the rough polyester feel at all despite the high content.  It's feels soft and pretty stretchy (it features 4-way stretch).  This is a 50+ UV protection material.  In person, the color is actually more orange than the picture online shows which I like better!  I think the gray trim looks really good with orange, and that's the reason I got this color instead of the other ones they have that are all solid with the exception of a teal one.  I think the back of this tank is very pretty with the mesh criss-cross straps.  It definitely adds a feminine touch.  There is an iPod pocket on the lower right side.  And the built in bra is supportive with pockets for inserts.  However, the tank did not come with any inserts.  I have tons of extra Lulu ones though, so I just put some in this one.  I got it in size small and it fits pretty well.  This tank is $55 which I think is a good price for it.  Here it is on me with some more detailed shots.  I think the color in my photos look more like the color in real life.

iPod pocket (which fits iPhone) and little yellow logo

Next tank I got is the GuËll tank top in banana square.  I actually wore it for a workout today and absolutely loved it!!  I think it's totally worth the $52 price tag.  It's a very pale yellow with some faint square patterns on it that you can't really see at all on their web photo:

The material of this tank is 84% polyester and 16% lycra.  It doesn't feel as silky as the Fly tank above.  But it is also 4-way stretchy, UV protective and it feels nice on.  It's definitely a unique look with a HUGE side pocket.  I'm not so sure what I'd put in such a large pocket so it will be more a decorative detail for me.  There is actually a smaller ipod/iphone pocket inside of the large pocket though.  The back has a 2 inch wide vertical stripe that is completely mesh.  It reminds me of the old school Lululemon Tri-Y tank.  I got it in size small as well, but it fits slightly looser than the Fly tank.  I think I could potentially wear a size XS in it, but I do also like the looser fit in the S.  I actually think it's a very flattering fit in the current size from both front and back.  It also comes with a bra with pockets for cup inserts.  So, in goes another pair of spare Lululemon ones.  I knew I kept those around for a reason lol.

Print up close

Check out the huge pocket!!!

Inner iphone/ipod pocket inside of the big pocket

Next, I got the Spiral tank top in black with this abstract graphic print.  I love abstract prints.  Lulu used to do that (the Three Print is my all time fav), and they'd hide Lulu symbols within the prints.  But nowadays they just do flowers that resemble old lady curtains or table clothes...

So this tank top is a more organic material than the other 2.  It is made of 92% nylon supplex and 8% elastane.  It's 4-way stretch, but does not offer UV protection.  It feels like an extremely stretchy version of Lululemon's luon.  It's really nice and soft, I love it.  But it comes with a built in bra but does not have pockets for inserts!  =(  I guess I just figured all Lolë bras had pockets, but obviously it is not the case.  It is more expensive than the previous 2 as well, at $58.  That's disappointing, but I love this tank so I think I'll sew some cups onto the bra myself (or have a tailor do it).  Should be easy enough - people do that with dresses all the time.  The back straps of this tank have a little hook so you can hook them together or let them out like spaghetti straps.  I love this feature!  I have the same feature in a Victoria's Secret bra as well as the Lorna Jane Pammy bra.  I really like this feature.

This top I had to get in size XS because S is sold out.  I took a chance, but it actually fits really well, not tight at all.  So I'd say this is a size-down tank.

The hooking mechanism I was talking about

This tank could actually work really well for street wear too.  Wish it didn't have the big "L" on the back though.

So the last tank I got that I am returning is the Central Tank top in kiss, which is a nice true red color. I really like the color, but I'm not too fond of the high neckline.  Also, this tank is $68, and it does not have bra pockets for cup inserts either.  I can't figure out why it should be $68.  It's got some mesh on the shoulder straps and back.  It's UV protective, and it has a side ipod pocket.  It's made of nylon/elastane combo as well, so maybe this material costs more?   Mehhhhh.  I'm returning it.


Also not a fan of the big L on the back

I actually ordered this tank in size XS as well.  The reason is because unlike others, it comes with size XXS.  From my shopping experience, I typically wear the 2nd smallest size so I thought XS it is lol.  And I was right!  It fits!  S would probably also work though, just not as figure hugging.

I am considering exchanging it for another GuËll tank in the same red color or the Stride Sleeveless Top in kimono fusion coral.

Here's the GuËll tank in kiss... no idea what the back looks like or whether the mesh is the color of the trim or same as the body:

Or, the Stride tank, I kind of like this fun camo-like print:

The back of it only shows this blue color online:

What do you think??  I would of course like to get a different style, but the Stride tank does not come with a shelf bra and it is $50, vs. the GuËll tank which does, AND has huge pockets for only $52.  It seems to be a better deal.  Hmm... decisions!

Either way though, I will end up only spending $115 or so on 4 tanks with my Gilt City coupon!  It's a pretty good deal I think.  I noticed that even though the Gilt City deal is over, if you click on the link it will still let you purchase.  So maybe it still works!  If so, get one!!  I really like the fit and feel of the tanks I got.  Their construction and quality seem to be very good as well.  Totally a steal at 50% off!


  1. You have a Barbie doll figure-incredible! I like the first 2 on you, others are nice as well. Only I'm not crazy about the huge emblem right on the upper middle back. It could be smaller and less obvious.

    1. Aww thank you Kathy! Believe me it does not come easily for me- requires lots of hard work at the gym and eating the right types/amount of food! I agree with you about the logo. I much prefer the little yellow ribbon on the first 2 tops than the big L right in the middle of the back!

  2. I so want those tops that you've got! But Lole's website is driving me nuts! It doesn't work with IE, Google Chrome and Safari. I wonder what's wrong.

  3. Hmm they must be having some issues... I use chrome and didn't have a problem...

  4. I have a beautiful merino wool dress that's Lole, and it too, has the tonal L's on the shoulder. Kind of annoying, but they do it a lot with this brand.

  5. can I check if those tanks without slits for bra cup inserts...would they show headlights?

    1. The red one actually has a patch/layer on the inside of the built in bra, so it will be triple layered and probably ok. The black one with graphic print would most likely show. Though being black helps...

    2. Alright, thanks! I tried to assess the website on another computer and same problem. Have emailed them. Hope that I can place an order soon. Thanks!!

  6. Zappos sells a lot of the Lole tanks....and they have pictures of the front and back in each color :)

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for posting this! I'm about to buy one of the Lole Spiral tanks and am not sure on whether to get an XS or S - I have some other Lole products (a coat, 2 shirts) and have noted that often their tops run a size larger. The coat is a very comfortable XS, one shirt is a little tight (it's a long sleeve so in the pits) and my other XS is just fine. I am a 34A, size 4 and usually wear a small - I dont have an hourglass shape - I'm a little more straight-torsoed. So I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on if I should go with an XS again or if it would be pushing it. Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. I think xs will work for you. It fits me pretty well and not that tight. I usually wear size 4 or small as well. :)


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