Thursday, June 20, 2013

Latest from Express!

I bought a few things from Express last week when they started their end of season sale.  They were giving out 20% on top of sales price.  I received my order last night and I actually realized that their sales are now 40% on top of sales price!  So I emailed their customer service today for a price adjustment and got $50 out of my $150 back!  And I got 8 items!  That's super cheap!  You really can't beat that.  I'm pretty happy with most of the items I got as well, with a few exceptions.

First of all, I have to say that I LOVE this Studded Bateau Neck Ruched Sleeve sweater.  When I bought it, it was $29.99 with additional 20% off.  But now it's only $19.99 with additional 40% off!  That's only 12 bucks!!!  Omg.  I bought 2 more today.  The one I have now is white.  It comes in a bunch of other colors.  I highly recommend that you get one!  It's a nice fit and it's super soft and comfy.  I wore it today to work and loved it.  The ruched 3/4 length sleeve is nice, especially in white, because my white long sleeve shirts tend to get dirty around the cuffs.  I got it in size XS, and I think I could have sized up to a S for a looser fit like the model has:

A little tighter on me

Shoulder stud detail

I got another one in black and one in blue today.  Can't wait to get them!

I also love this Striped Slub Knit Baseball Tee.  It's only $14.99 now which means you get it for $8.  Can't beat that.  It's a nice fit with good length.  I love baseball tees, and I love the color I got which was neutral.  It's a nice top to have for weekends.  I also bought another one today in navy.  I got it in size XS as well, and again I think if I wanted a looser fit like the model, a S would work.

See the pants I'm wearing in the above photo?  Those are new from this order too.  They are the Cropped Chino pants, in true white.  Only $29.99.  The problem with them is that they run super big in the waist.  When I bought them, there were no reviews.  But now there are a few which all say the same.  I ordered my normal size 2 in pants from Express, and they are very loose in the waist.  I can stick my entire arm down them!

Not sure if you can really tell how loose they are in the above photo.  But believe me they are loose lol. But they are kinda cute though!  They fit well in the bum and everywhere else.  The legs are looser fit which I think they are intended to be.  So I'm thinking instead of returning, I could maybe make them work with a belt.  I'll have to think about this.

I also got 2 dresses.  First is the Burnout Racerback Elastic Waist dress in bahama coral, it is only $19.99 as well, with 40% off!  It's pretty soft and comfy.  But the color looks way brighter in person than in photos.  There are two layers.  The inner layer looks pink on the website, but it's actually bright orange.  Or coral, I guess.  Looks more orange to me.  I actually like it better.  The outer layer is white burnout material. It's an easy dress to wear in the summer and for the price I'm keeping it.  I got it in size XS too.

Print up close

Inner layer

The next dress I got is the Double V-Neck Elastic Waist dress in true black.  Also $19.99.  I got it in size small, because of the chiffon material, I figured it would not have as much give.  I think that was the right call.  It's a cute black dress with a tank on the inside, and V on the front and back with white trim.  If it was more than $12 I would consider returning, because it's not that special.  But at this price point, it would be more of a pain to return than to just keep lol.  I mean, it's cute enough!  

I'm wearing it here with a wide belt.  It's actually also from Express, but bought it years ago.  Although it's always so hard to get details to show on pictures when it's black.  The up close photo is much better.

I got 2 tanks that looked pretty cute but I'm not sure if I'll be keeping.  At least not both of them.  The first one is this cute Lace Trim Two Layer tank in grass green.  The inner layer has a tank with lace on the bottom, and the outer tank is a chiffon overlay.  I love the color and think the back of it is pretty cute.  It does fit a little bit tight in the chest in a size XS that I got.  It's because the chiffon is not stretchy at all.  It's only $19.99 now too, and $12 with 40% off.

I like the back of the tank

wrinkly as it just came out of the package

The next tank I got is similar in style to the above, but completely different colors.  I actually like the colors better, but I also got it in size XS and the chest is wayyyyy too tight!  It's so misleading on the web photos!  It looks so loose fitting on the model that I didn't think I needed to get size S.  It's the Striped Two Layer tank.  The color is called warm stone.  Although there's 2 main colors in it.

The outer layer is so tight in the chest area and completely smashes my boobs down:

See how it cuts in on the chest...

The flat boob side view

So sad, I don't think I can keep this tank unless I cut out the top layer and just wear the inner layer on its own.  It's kinda cute on its own anyway.  And for $12 I could probably do just that.  I wish I had got it in a size up though!  It's completely sold out now.  Maybe I can check a store this weekend and see if I can exchange it.

The last item I got was the Studded Portofino Shirt in warm stone.  I love their portofino shirts for work, and have a few.  This one is a nice color to have, it's like off-white, or a very very light tan color.  With cute studs on the pockets.  It went on sale for $29.99, with 40% off, which is a great price for this shirt.  I got it in my normal portofino shirt size, XS, and it fits loosely.  You'll have to excuse the wrinkles in these pics below.  They always come out wrinkly out of the package.  I haven't had time to steam it yet.

Up close

So I can't believe all this stuff only costs me about $100 after tax!  Crazy... I love it when Express has their crazy sales.  I can't wait for my other order to come next week!  I got cute camo leggings.  =)

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