Thursday, May 16, 2013

Green Shoe Love!

I have a thing for green shoes.  Well, I have a thing for shoes, period.  But something about green shoes really draws me in!  I have 4 pairs of green shoes already, in different shades of green, and I am now adding 2 more!  I bought both of these shoes a little while ago at around the same time.  I really tried to only keep one pair because their shades are sort of similar.  But in the end I decided they were really different in style and material, and I needed both of them!  They are Sam Edelman Noura Criss Cross Pumps that I got on (owned by Neiman Marcus, kind of like their outlet store), and Donald J Pliner Pausha Leather & Stretch Peep-Toe Pump from Ruelala (Ruelala no longer has them, but the link goes to the same pair in black on the Donald J Pliner website - they are on sale for $89!)

Sam Edelman on left and Donald J Pliner on right

Here are more pictures of the Sam Edelman Noura pumps - I'm not sure why they look kind of dirty brown on's pictures.  But the color is "moss green", and it definitely looks green, like these pictures below I got from

I love these shoes!  I think they got just the right amount of trashiness, for the lack of a better word.  Lol.  Not that I think they are trashy at all.  They are very high, at 5 inches, but the platform is 1 1/2 so it's equivalent to 3 1/2 inch heel.  They look kind of intimidatingly high, but they are surprisingly, extremely comfortable!  I think Sam Edelman is known for making very comfortable high heels.  The insole is padded, and the leather straps are soft and stretchy, and the suede material on the rest of the shoe forms comfortable to your feet.  I wore them all night for a friend's birthday party out on the town, and I wasn't tired at all!  No pinching or cutting into my skin at all.

This is my second pair of Sam Edelman shoes, and I do highly recommend this brand based on my experience.  I still love and wear my Mallory slingbacks allllllll the time, they are like my go-to shoes now.  I got these in size 6 since they didn't have 6.5 left (I normally wear either 6 or 6.5 but prefer 6.5) and was worried they may be a little small because my Mallory slingbacks are size 6.5 and I can't imagine those being any smaller.  But these are a perfect fit!  I say any time you can mix fashion and comfort, a little higher in price is worth it - these currently go for $120 but I think I got them for around $90 because they had an additional coupon code.

Here they are on me:

And here is the Donald J Pliner Pausha:

I guess these may be more bronze than green.  I love the shiny bronze details mixed with army green stretchy canvas material.  These are very interesting to look at, and they are very very comfortable as well!  It may look like they might be hard to put on, but the canvas does stretch (though not a lot).  I have slightly higher arched feet, so after a few hours of wearing, I do feel that the canvas part is a little bit tight around my feet.  But maybe I need to wear them in more.

These are size 6.5, and they are 4.5 inches high.  There is not much of a platform so they actually feel a little bit more arched than the Sam Edelman shoes.  But if I wear them out for a night, I have no discomfort whatsoever.  I think these shoes look very unique and definitely more classy.  I got them for $95 on Ruelala, down from original price of $235.  So I think the black ones on Donald J Pliner's website that I linked to in the beginning of the post is a great deal at $89!  Black is always nice, and those have a combination of patent leather and stretchy canvas which is fun too!

And they are on me:

Both of these shoes look really good with skinny jeans or ankle pants!  I don't have any pictures of the Sam Edelman Noura pumps with any outfits, but I've posted 2 pictures with the Donald J Pliner Pausha pumps in the past:

Can't really see them very clearly here at all, but oh well...

So I now have 6 pairs of green shoes!  LOL!  Maybe it's time to stop...


  1. Hi i was wondering if you could share the lorna jane 20% coupon code? Much appreciated!

    1. A lovely reader left it on my first Lorna Jane post. It was NEWFRIEND20 I believe. Not sure if it still works though...


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