Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lululemon Tech Mesh Tight (Winner!) & Run Pace Setter Skirt in Sea Check Multi / Plum (Loser!)

I got my latest Lululemon order delivered today.  I bought the new Tech Mesh Tight in black, even though I thought the $108 price tag was pretty steep.  But they look very different from anything else Lulu usually makes, so I caved and ordered them.  They kind of have a zombie stripper vibe going on... lol... I wasn't 100% sure that I'd love them enough to keep them, but I do!  Though to be honest, I think they make better casual wear / going out on the town type of tights than workout wear.

I think I'd feel a little weird wearing these to the gym for cardio or weights, even though the mesh is pretty awesome for ventilation I'd imagine.  Maybe I could handle them for a yoga class, but I feel like I'd still get some questionable stares.  Besides, I think they look weird with my sneakers on.  Maybe if I had all black ones that would work better, but I don't.

Here they are on me:

Here is a better, closer up picture of them:

So while I had them on, I decided to try them out as casual wear with different outfits.  I think they are actually quite versatile and will work with a lot of things!  Here they are with my Vince Camuto Jiris sandals on, and Express Sequin and Lace Stripe racerback tank.  Very simple actually.  But I think I could totally rock this outfit out to dinner or something.  I'd be so comfy at the same time with my luon on!  

Then I was thinking, when winter time comes, I could also wear them with boots over.  All I'd have to change to this outfit would be adding on a jacket like this SYLK jacket:

Close up of the tights with boots over:

OR, I could wear short ankle boots over them as well, with a more dressed down sweater look.  I had put on a ribbed tank and this Express drape neck sweater over.

Here are some other angles of the tights.  The mesh portions are only on the front half of the legs, the back is completely solid:

I think these tights are super cool!  They also come in soot and inkwell, but I think black would be the best at pairing with other things, especially if I'm not going to use them to workout in.  These are in my regular size 4 and they fit true to size.  I love the wide waistband as well.  If I can pull them off, they are possibly the perfect hybrid of yoga and fashion wear!

I also bought the Run: Pace Setter skirt in sea check multi/plum.  I was going to decide between either the Speed Shorts in this print, or the skirt.  I thought I'd like the skirt better, but when I first took this skirt out of the package, I immediately thought they looked way too big to be a size 4.  I checked the tag, it says size 4.  So I put it on... and I hate it.  The fit is so off.  I don't own any Pace Setter skirts, but I've tried them on multiple times at the store.  Size 4 has always been ok on me, with a little flare at the bottom which I never liked but could deal with.  I've also tried them in size 2, but found them to be too tight across the front causing the fabric to pull.  Kind of like how tight it looks across the front on the Lulu model:

Well, this skirt is WAY flared out and I just really don't like it.

Back and side view also looks shapeless.  My butt is bigger than this, I swear!  :)

These are definitely going back!  Now I just have to decide whether I want to keep the shorts in the same print or not.  Maybe I'll return both and get me another pair of Tech Mesh Tights instead!  I probably had way too much fun trying on different outfits with them tonight.  :)


  1. Ooooo...I think the shorts definitely look better on you than this skirt. This skirt is just alright. I guess its your preference. :)

    I ordered this skirt in size 8. I hope I can wear it. The fit reviews say this runs small. Anyway, I only have 1 other pacesetter skirt which I really like in flare and cashew tonka stripes at the waist band. I doesn't flare out for me because I have big thighs. Hahahaa....I just don't have the courage to wear them out of my room before I get slimmer legs. :P

  2. LOVE the Tech Mesh tights! I thought they were crazy looking at first... But now I am thinking I need a pair!! Awesome purchase!!

  3. Those tights look awesome! I didn't think they would work when I first saw them but now I realize they are really functional when paired with the right outfits. Wish they still had the black ones available but they are sold out everywhere :(

  4. Wow I didn't realize they sold out so fast. Crazy! Even at the price tag of $108 huh? Interesting...

  5. You've convinced me that I need those tights. I wasn't too sure about them until I saw all your outfit combos. They look amazing on you!

  6. i like the ankle boots best :) Very cute idea!!!


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