Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Let me begin by saying that I think my trainer is trying to kill me!  Hahaha... but seriously, my workouts have been kicked up like 5 notches.  I started my new workouts on Wednesday, and I took Thursday and today off as rest days, and I'm still sore... All over my body!  I still don't know if I see much muscle gain though.  It's so frustratingly slow for women to get muscles, especially me!  Ahhh... oh well, I'm trying to be patient.  Little bit at a time...

Monday 8/19
What I did:  Lower body weights.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Tempo Excel tank, with Lululemon Free To Be bra in pow pink under it.  Mod Moves crops in afterglo, and Brooks Pure Drift shoes.  Rocking the black and pink combo!

I like that the shoulder straps of this tank is mesh so you can see the color of the bra under it.  You can see more clearly in the close up:

Tuesday 8/20
What I did:  Shoulders & triceps, followed by 30 minutes of interval on 15% incline treadmill.

What I wore: Lululemon Swiftly racerback in spry blue with very matchy-matchy spry blue Free To Be bra under.  Passion crop in bright blue, and Nike Frees in blue glow - lots of blue!

Wednesday 8/21
What I did:  Bicep and back - my new workout, which killed me!  I started doing negative chin-ups, which is basically starting at the top of a chin-up position, and slowly let yourself back down, say 3-4 seconds.  Ugh, so hard for me.  I am impressed though that I can do chin-ups fairly easily now.  I never could before.  After my tough weight workout, I actually went and did another 30 minute cardio interval session on the treadmill.  I could not move for the next 2 days!!

Thursday 8/22 - Rest day

Friday 8/23
What I did:  Lower body weights, which made me even more sore!  And yet another 30 minute cardio interval session...

Saturday 8/24
What I did:  Last weight session of the week!  This one was especially tough since body my upper body and lower body were sore from the last 2 workouts.  I actually almost skipped this one to let my body recover more.  But I went anyways, as well as finished the 4th 30 minute cardio interval session.  

I don't usually like to buy matching outfits, and I didn't plan this one nor buy them at the same time.  But I actually really like them together:

I also wore the Splits59 Dallas Hoodie in twilight/nude as to/from:

The twilight color is a little darker than granita, but it goes well together as well I think:

Sunday 8/25
What I did:  Rest day from weights, thank God!  I did play a few rounds of tennis though, with the ball machine.

What I wore:  Lija Fuse Approach top with my new prized possession - the Lululemon SeaWheeze mosaic Track Attack skirt!  So glad I got this one... love it!!!  I wore the Lorna Jane Duo bra in yves blue under the tank - this blue is close enough to the blue in the skirt!  And it goes with my Nike Frees in violet... which also has orange in it that matches the skirt!  Lol.

No work outfits this week, but here's a casual Sunday outfit!  This tank is an uber oldie, from Victoria's Secret Pink line, like 6-7 years old at least.  It's still one of my favorites!  I wore it with my Diesel Faccyo shorts and Steve Madden Haywire wedge sandals.

When you look up close at this tank, you'll see that some cherries have rhinestones over them.  Makes me so happy lol.

And that's it for this week!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  I have to be at work by 6 am this coming week, so I am going to bed!


  1. Wow, I think chin ups are impressive let alone negative chin ups.

    I do assisted chib ups (w/the rubber band things under your knees) sometimes and I am super sore afterwards.

    1. Yep, I used to do the assisted one too, on the machine that you can step on though. I had never tried doing it without assistance until last week! I was surprised I could do more than 1 lol.

  2. I love your blog! Have you considered whether your trainer is not counseling you properly on the amount of calories you are consuming if your goal is to add muscle? I think I read somewhere that he has you on around 1500 calories now.. that is really low for someone who works out 5-6 days a week and wants to build muscle. You always look gorgeous--hope this does not offend. I'm sure your trainer knows your individual wishes and body much better than an anonymous stranger, but I did find it strange as that caloric restriction goes against everything that I have read myself while considering how best to get fit.

    1. Yeah I have asked him if I should be eating more food, but he says food is fine for now until I get leaner. He is not really the type to offer more info so that's all he said. I am eating about 1550 a day, with one cheat meal a week. I'm just afraid that if I do get leaner, I'll have no muscles underneath to show! :(

    2. Different anon, FWIW I have read a lot about this and am inclined to think it's low also.

      Here is a calorie calculator I found on a blog that seems pretty accurate, maybe you can compare your calculation with your current intake and if it differs by more than 100 cal or so, I would consider that a red flag. Just my $0.02, as the above anon says, you have no reason to trust me but maybe you could consider getting a 2nd opinion from another trainer or nutritionist if you are unsure. :)

      For WOMEN: 655 + (4.35 x Weight in pounds)+(4.7 x Height in inches) - (4.7x Age)= BMR The amount of calories your body burns just from being alive

      FOR MEN: 66+(6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) - ( 6.8 age in years)= BMR. that amount of calories you burn just from being alive.

      Step 2: Take that number and multiply by your activity level:

      1.2 Sedentary (little to no exercise)
      1.375 Lightly Active (1-3 days a week)
      1.55 Moderately Active (3-5 days a week)
      1.7 Very Active (6-7 days a week)

      Step 3:

      LOSE weight: Subtract 500
      MAINTAIN weight: keep the number the same
      GAIN weight: Add 500

      The final number is the amount of calories you should eat a day

      With this equation, you do NOT have to add or subtract on workout days vs. rest days. It makes it easy!
      if you do not know your fitness level, take the AVERAGE between the two levels that sound like you.

    3. Hmmm... according to this, I should be eating 2100ish a day if I want to maintain, so 1600 if I want to lose. I guess that's not too far from what my trainer has me on, which is 1550...

      I think this is pretty accurate as well and is a good guideline. Thanks for this!

    4. Wow! According to this, I could eat 3,000 calories to maintain my weight. But holy cow! I know I will GAIN weight if I eat that much!

      Although I have ranged from 1,800 to 2,500 calories at different periods and there was no significant change to my weight. +/- 2kg.

      I've decided to go see a nutritionist. Made an appointment in about 1.5 weeks time.

    5. That's great Shay! Lol @ the 3000 calories. I guess it depends on what activity level you pick - I did 1.55 since it says 3-5 days a week. But I only workout for an hour or 1.5 hours, 5 days a week. The rest of the time I'm pretty sedentary due to having a desk job. So maybe I should not even be that high.

    6. I picked that too.

      I think working out for an hour each day 5x a week is already enough because at the desk job, the brain is working hard. :)

      While commuting to/fro work, I am standing in the subway for 1 to 1.5hrs each way.

  3. Hey! I can't find anywhere to email you so I will leave this here. I discovered today that American Eagle has a line of performance wear that people seem impressed with. I'm not an AE fan normally but people are saying their leggings/crops are remarkably similar to lulu wunder unders. Everything AE is 40% off right now which makes them only about $20-25. I know you say you like to try out new brands so I thought I would share the tip if you want to branch out. I think I might order a pair or two myself just for giggles. :) Here is the link, or just search "AEO performance":

    1. Different anonymous here...thanks for info! I decided to order out of curiosity. The price is so cheap it is hard to pass up if they are as nice as the reviews say! Thanks!

    2. Thanks for this! I have not tried their product, but I love that all these big name brands are now making athletic clothing. More competition = lower prices and better products/selections for us consumers! Do you know if they carry this line in the stores? I'd like to try some on...

    3. Hmm on second thought, maybe I'll buy some things since they are indeed very cheap! :D

    4. If it's not too late, they do offer them in stores, same prices, except XXS is online only it seems. There is a handy product locator function on the page of the product you might want so you can see if it's in a store near you (which will save you a trip if they're out of stock). But it's free shipping so it doesn't really matter anyway. :) I ordered the burgundy (apparently a lot like lulu's plum) and the b/w stripes, they're supposed to come on Saturday. Waiting impatiently.... :)

  4. I have over 15 years in the fitness industry (formerly a personal trainer) and have a graduate degree in physiology, although that's no reason to trust me, either. However, I agree with the two anonymous posters above. Yes, there are a lot of factors to consider; fitness is not a one size fits all. However, it sounds like your trainer has you over-training a little, and consuming too few calories. I'm surprised you want to lean out more, too, but that is solely my unsolicited opinion!

    1. Actually, I've always thought that the training is a bit much. Notably different body parts are being trained every session. I do 2 to 3 cardios and 2 weight training sessions per week and over this 1 year, I thought I could be over training. It takes a lot to tell myself that stress hormones could prevent me from losing fat as well.

    2. I think my trainer's style is such that you drop body fat to a pretty low level, since he specializes in prepping for bikini competitions. I told him I had no such plans but just wanted to tone up in general. So he put me on the same training... It's pretty tough to do 5 days of hard weight training and 4 cardio sessions a week! I've been thinking about asking him to slow it down a bit since I have no "deadline", and would rather get there slowly in a sustainable way, with no drastic measures.

    3. Yar! Thats the thing. Many people are advising me to go on crash diets, give up many foods, etc. But I really don't think that's the way to go...I wanna make lifestyle changes! I would really like to find out the reason I don't lose weight. According to my GP, he wants me to reduce carbs to 20%. I tried it for a week. My weight did indeed come down, but really barely. 1lbs. If I go on that basis, fatigue sets in pretty fast and my brain will scream at me to give it sugar. But over 1 weekend, I ate more carbs and my weight shot up 3lbs. There ought to be a more sustainable way to this!!! Thats why I intend to go and see a nutritionist.

      Actually, the toughest thing for me about working out is not being able to sleep!!! For the last 1 year I have been running on 4 to 5 hrs of sleep per nite. I just could not sleep. I would wake up at 3 or 4am in the morning completely fresh and awake in my brain. But my body is tired.

      Currently, I am out of town for business. I wasn't feeling too well the week before, so I forced myself to rest. Last week, I just did about 20mins of Pilates at night (about 10pm) once in my hotel room and I could not sleep until 2 or 3am.

      So, I'm not doing any workouts for another 1.5 weeks until I go home. 12 to 15 hr work day while travelling is already very enough.

  5. I also take size 4 in Lulu bottoms but I am a little shorter than you. I love how the XS Splits59 Nova Capri Tights look on you. Have you tried the Kym Full Length Tights? I am debating between the two. Any advice?

    1. I haven't tried the Kym tights, but I'd say go with the Nova! I believe they are Split59's best selling tights. I'm dying to get my hands on these viper Novas... but they are $$$!

      Definitely go with size XS if you are a Lulu 4 like me. They run a little large, so S would most likely slide down.

    2. I have both the Novas (current version) and Kyms. I love them both! I am 5'3" and take a 28.5" inseam on my jeans, and I find the length to be excellent on the Kyms--little to no scrunching at the ankles, unlike lulu's WUP. They are SUPER soft and cozy, I wish I could wear them all the time except my dogs would shed all over them, hah! I do agree that the Novas run slightly big--about half a size bigger than my other S59 bottoms (Kym, Ginger, Dusty). I am typically a lulu 2 (can get away with a 4 sometimes) and sometimes my Novas sag about 0.5-1" and I have to hike them up, but honestly I love them anyway. My bf calls them my superhero tights. :) In sum, in my opinion you can't go wrong with either.

      As for the vipers, I actually ordered a pair and was pretty disappointed. :\ I was expecting the viper print to look more luxe, instead it was just kinda shiny. I also felt they were flimsier than my regular Novas (and according to my bf they did not pass the "underwear color test" when I bent over--YIKESSSSS). I'm a big fan of S59 so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that I got a lemon pair, but overall, definitely not worth the sky-high price tag, which sucked a lot cause I was totally willing to pay it. :( Not saying you shouldn't give them a shot if you want, but if you miss out on them it's nothing to cry about IMO.

    3. Hmmmm interesting! I totally thought the vipers would look luxe too! Ok, thanks for your review! I think I'll wait for something better to come along. :)


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