Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Time has been going by so fast lately!  Blink and it's Sunday again.  We've had weird weather this week here as well.  Monday was pouring rain and cold.  Then it got up to over 80 degrees by Wednesday/Thursday.  Right now it's about a nice 75 degrees, and I just finished 2 workouts and am now taking a break from studying at Starbucks.  Fun stuff huh?  (Not really).

My workouts this week have been pretty consistent with the past few weeks.  I just finished week 4 of my weight training program, so I will be moving to stage 2 starting next week!  Finally!  4 weeks of alternating two sets of workouts is kind of a long time.  But I've been getting noticeably stronger so I guess it's a good thing!  I only lift 2-3 times a week anyway, mixing in interval training so I don't get bored.

Monday 1/23
What I did:  Back to weight session A of my stage 1 training program.  It consists of weighted squads to warm up - 3 sets of 8.  Then alternating sets of back row (I got up to 70 lbs!) and push-ups, 3 sets of 8.  Then alternating step ups and prone jackknife with the ball, also 3 sets of 8.  Being stage 1, these workouts only take like half an hour to complete, which significantly shortened the duration of my workouts which is nice.

What I wore:  This was the cold and rainy day.  So I wore my long sleeve swiftly top in haze, and passion crop in bright blue.  Complete with my Adidas Adizero Adios 2 shoes.

So since it was cold and rainy, I wore my Outward Bound jacket as to/from.  And my leopard print rain boots that I got from Venice, Italy.  I think I looked really funny!  But who cares, it kept me dry and warm!

Tuesday 1/24:  Rest day

Wednesday 1/25
What I did:  Back to the gym for workout B of the weight training program.  This one starts with deadlift which I used 60 lb bar, for 3 sets of 8.  And then alternating lat pull down (also got up to 70 lbs now!) and shoulder press (25 lb dumbbells), 3 sets of 8.  Ended with alternating weighted front lunges and ball sit ups, 3 sets of 8 as well.  

What I wore:  Cool racerback in little boy blue, with bright blue Flow Y bra.  And bright blue passion crops again.  Haha... is there anything better than the passion crops??  I wore my NB Minimus Road shoes.  

Thursday 1/26:  Rest day

Friday 1/27
What I did:  Pilates class, but I ran to it which is about a mile away.  I was running really late, only had 10 minutes before class started so I had to kind of hustle.  I was sweating bullets for the first half of class because of it... the teacher must have thought I was some crazy sweat monster!  Haha!

What I wore:  Lululemon pearl luxtreme cool racerback in pigeon, with Energy bra under.  And I wore my power purple groove pants to match the bra even though nobody could see it, and black Method sock.  I can only wear this pearl luxtreme cool racerback to stuff like pilates when I don't have to worry about constantly pulling it down.  When I wear it running, it rides up like crazy!

Since I ran there and it was kind of chilly, I put on my Run Brisk pullover in bold blue.

Saturday 1/28
What I did:  I went to my husband's class as usual.  Had a hard interval workout.  Lots of weights and sprinting.

What I wore:  I diverged from Lululemon (rare occassion), and wore my Splits59 Chase top.  This top came with a very sad looking built in bra that would not hold anything.  So I cut it out and wore my Lulu Flow Y bra under.  I wore it with my Lululemon Astro Crop.  I do like the material of the Splits59 top, but it kept riding up and it was very very annoying!  I don't remember it riding up like this the last time I wore it with luxtreme bottoms.  So maybe it's the luon astro crops that made the difference.  

I don't know what this print is called on the Astro crop, but I like it:

As to/from, I wore my Lululemon Journey Jacket, which is one of my all time favorites.  

Sunday 1/29
What I did:  I got up early today to go to pilates class again.  I bought this deal from Livingsocial, and the class expires at the end of this month, so I made myself get up and go.  Ended up not being that great at all, so I will not be going back there.  After that, I went to my husband's circuit workout.  It was so good!  We did like 30 different stations and I really pushed myself.  Will be sore tomorrow!

What I wore:  Well, for my pilates workout, I wore my Dance Strap tank in army green, with my new Wunder Grooves.  I just love the army green color in lullure because it gives it a subtle sheen and it's so pretty!  

I wore my Journey Jacket as to/from again.

And outfit #2 of the day for the circuit workout, I wore my Lululemon swiftly tank in pink mist, with  very violet 50 Rep bra under.  And astro wunder unders in static black/dewberry.  I forgot how nice the swiftly tank is to workout with on a hot day.  I gotta get another one.

Then, I thought I didn't have enough pink mist, so I wore my Mind Over Matter pullover as well!

By the way, I like my hubby's trainer outfit yesterday.  He bought this whole outfit from Lulu all by himself a while ago.  He normally only goes into that store with me, so it was a big step lol.

I don't remember what this shirt is called.  It's from a while ago, with very subtle prints on the front consisting of really really small Lulu logo.  You can only see it if you are very up close.  And the white Run: Response Short which he has a few pairs of.

And that concludes this week's workouts and outfits!  Now I'm going to go back to studying.  =)  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


  1. Would you consider adding your day to day outfits to this list? You post about buying new work clothes but we don't get to see them in outfits.

    1. I actually have thought about that before but I'm usually in such a hurry to get out the door every morning! Hmm maybe I can take photos in the bathroom when I get to work since they have a full length mirror in there. =)

    2. I would be interested in seeing some of the outfits - even if you just did two or three days from the week (maybe the outfits you're most excited about - like if you wear a new item or are just really happy with the outfit you wore)!

  2. Do you have budget to buy lululemon?
    I love your Run Brisk pullover in bold blue!!

    1. Hmm no I don't really have a budget. I just buy what I like so sometimes I buy a lot within a short period of time and sometimes I don't buy anything for a while. It really depends. When I first got into Lululemon I definitely spent more money. But now that I have a pretty large lulu collection I can be more picky and only buy what I really like. I live the run brisk too!! It's one of a few older lulu items that I kept this whole time and will likely never think about selling.

  3. I got my very own journey jacket (same color as yours) off of ebay and it just came in the mail yesterday all teh way from canada and i am in looooooove!!!! Seriously--I want ten more. It's so cute!

    1. Nice!!! I love love love this jacket. I remember there was a light gray one too that actually went on sale for like $59 or something. I almost got it but talked myself out of it.


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