Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Calvin Klein Scoop Neck Dress

Ahhh... I finally bought a dress I love from Hautelook!  I just bought it last Friday too, and it already got delivered today.  I love it when I get stuff the day after they ship it out!  I used to get that with Lululemon and it definitely encouraged me to shop more online.

I got this super cute Calvin Klein Scoop Neck Dress:

Hautelook had lots of Calvin Klein dresses during that sale, and most dresses look like stuff that you'd wear to work or some type of professional event.  But this one caught my eye because it's more casual and fun.  I love dresses like this for the summer time that I can dress up or down by wearing different shoes.  The color is pretty true to the pictures, and the length on me is about the same as the model.  I also got the same size the model is wearing - 4.  It fits loosely, but still gives nice shape.  I really like it!

There are two layers to this dress, and the outer shell is made of cupro.  I have never heard of this material before and have no idea what it is.  It feels kind of like silk but thicker and heavier.  But this dress did arrive with wrinkles everywhere, so I hope this material is not prone to wrinkling.  Hautelook really should start figuring out better ways to ship their stuff, like using boxes instead of bags.

Regardless, I still think it's $55 (off of $138) well spent on this dress!  Too bad it's been super cold here lately, so I won't be able to wear it for a while!


  1. Your dress is very pretty. Are you a fan of Calvin Klein! I also bought a white dress during the sales. I paid 70€:,4,4,17,340855

  2. Thanks! I actually have not bought much Calvin Klein. Wow sounds like hautelook prices are a lot higher for France, or is it just really high shipping?

  3. I bought my dress in the store. It's true that prices in France are expensive but because it's a very good quality. This is a very popular brand here. Against by perfumes and handbags are cheaper. I prefer to put a little more in my clothes for they last a long time.

    If I made ​​mistakes, you can correct me! do not hesitate!

  4. Oh I thought you meant you ordered from Hautelook too! I didn't know Calvin Klein was popular there. That is great! And yes I have heard about cheaper designer purses, especially when you can get the tax money back at the airport. I can't wait to get over there and shop!

    Your English is not bad at all. Much much better than my French. =)


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