Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calvin Klein Black & Cream Belted Skirt Suit

I bought this new Calvin Klein skirt suit for work from Ruelala about a month ago and totally forgot about it from all the holiday craziness.  But today I spotted it in my closet and decided to wear it to work, since we had visitors in today and had to wear business professional attire instead of business casual.  Actually we have been having more and more "suit" days, which is really annoying for me.  But it gave me a chance to try out my new jacket today!

I like this suit because it is not traditional.  And I like the 2-toned look so I can mismatch the jacket and the skirt with other things.  Like today I decided to wear the jacket with black slacks instead of the skirt it came with.  And tomorrow I might just wear the skirt with something else!

I got a really good deal for this, I only spent about $55 since I had some Ruelala return credits (still my money I know, but it makes me feel better).  That's a really good deal for a whole suit, especially from Calvin Klein!  I think Ruelala was selling it for $79, which is still pretty good for a suit.  The tag on the suit says its $375.  But I think it probably went on sale for cheaper before it went to Ruelala.  One thing I noticed is that Calvin Klein suits (for men) are always on sale, usually from $400-500 to about $200-300.  There is a Calvin Klein store in Glendale I like to go to sometimes, because I do think they have a lot of classic looking stuff.  I also really like their men's selection for my husband.  I have a good friend who works for Calvin Klein so whenever we go to any Calvin Klein owned stores, he can get 40% off!  That's definitely an incentive to shop.

I find Calvin Klein's casual stuff to run really really big in size.  Sometimes even a size XS is too big for me.  But their suits run a lot smaller.  I have one suit jacket from there that I absolutely love and wear both to work and to go out on the town sometimes.  I know that one I have in a size 4.  It fits a little loose but still gives flattering shape which is perfect, as I don't like tight fitting suits (they tend to look cheap/ghetto to me).  And who would want a baggy/no shape suit?  So I went for a size 4 in this skirt suit as well.  It was kind of a gamble because you never know with sizes when shopping online, but I'm glad it worked out since it fits pretty much identical to the other one.  Though the skirt could be a little bit tighter in the hips, but it still looks fine.  I'll have to give it a try tomorrow.

I like the textured look of this jacket, and I'm glad to have a suit jacket that isn't black, or dark gray.  But somewhere in between lol.  The belt goes around and gives a slimming look.  Overall I'm pretty happy with this purchase!

Here are some detailed shots of the jacket:


  1. Tu as de la chance de pouvoir t'habiller cool au travail! En France, il faut toujours mettre un costume pour aller travailler et être bien habillé. J'espère qu'ils vont te changer ton pant! Ton costume est joli mais une photo de toi avec, ça aurait été cool! la prochaine fois peu être?!

  2. Thats really cute, I really like the styling of the belt loop on the back.


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