Friday, October 15, 2010

Luluelmon Groove Pants

I've always loved Lululemon's Groove Pants, but I wear them more casually or for low impact activities.  They fit like a glove, always so flattering and crisp.  And the regular length is the absolute perfect length for me with sneakers!  They are too hot for vigorous types of work outs for me.  I can do yoga and pilates in them and that's about it.  But I have ran in them occasionally last winter when it was pretty cold out, like 50 degrees.  When I'm traveling or needing to put something on to go to the grocery store or things like that, I always reach for my Grooves though.  They are really perfect for running errands since you still look nice and feel uber comfy without looking like you are wearing work out clothes.  One day when I spilled on my light colored work pants, I even grabbed my Grooves from my gym bag and put them on for the rest of the day with my heels and I don't think anybody noticed!  Well maybe they did and didn't say anything.  The seams on the back do kind of give it away.  My work has a pretty strict business dress code and I would not be able to get away with wearing work out pants on a regular basis, but I think the Groove patns would work for a more casual work environment too.

Well I've been meaning to get another pair for a while, but I always put it off since I knew they would always be there.  But last week when I was at the Lululemon store, I tried on the new ones and thought they were different.  So I asked the girl who works there, and she told me that the new ones have less of a flare than before.  Nooooo!!  I loved the Groove pants exactly the way they were before!  I know Lululemon makes quite a few other pant styles that are straight leg fit, so why change the Grooves??  I love how the Grooves fit over my sneakers perfectly without bunching.  I like straight leg pants with boots or heels, but can't stand the look of them with sneakers!  I feel like they fall on top of the sneakers awkwardly, and makes the legs look shorter and it throws off your whole proportion!  I feel quite strongly about this.  So I got scared and bought 3 pairs of the older Groove pants!  So sad that they will probably be the last 3 pairs that I will be able to buy.  I hope they last, umm, forever!

So the colors I bought from top to bottom are black with lolo / power purple as pictured on the model above, black and senorita pink, and coal and alarming quilt. 

I didn't realize before, but the coal ones have the reflective logo on the left calve.  I'm not really digging that, because I don't want them to have a logo where everyone can see it's work out wear.  But it reverses to solid coal with the logo on the back waistband.  So I'll likely be wearing them like that most of the time.  I just really wanted a pair of coal groove pants.  I love how both the purple and pink ones have the logo on the back waist on the color side as well as the all black side.  The groove pants I have now are reversible, but both sides have different waistband patterns.  They are nice too but I'm glad I will have solid black.  Sometimes colors can be a hindrance.  It will be nice to not have to stop and think about the color of the top I'm putting on to see if it will look too ridic with the waistband of my pants. 

Well, I hope I will be set with these for the rest of my life!  I guess to be fair, I didn't try on the new Grooves with sneakers, so I'm not sure if a couple inches narrower will look as bad as pure straight leg pants with sneakers.  But hey, I thought they were pretty much perfect before, so they can only go downhill from there.


  1. I can't agree more - I'm disappointed they changed the grooves. I know it's just a slight difference in the flare, but they're my favorite go-to pant of Lulus. They offer so many other styles with a narrower leg, or they could have just come out with a different pant name "i.e. groove straight" and started dispensing those to see how everyone liked rather than changing their normal (and what I would consider best-selling) product altogether.... ugh! I already have 3 pairs of grooves, but I might need to pick out some "old" colors, too, just to keep on the shelf. I know there were some I was eyeing that I couldn't justify buying at that point since I already have 3 pairs, but perhaps this is a great reason to spend the money! :) Glad to see I'm not alone in the lack of liking the new decision either.

  2. I should clarify - I have 3 pairs of solid black w/ color waistband grooves - But I also have 2 pairs of the organic cotton and 2 pairs of the static grays. I think I would need to go with more simple black pairs. :)

  3. Wow you have a lot of Groove pants Angela! I guess you really will be set for the rest of your life. Hehe. I know exactly what you mean though, why change a good thing?? Especially when there are options for people who prefer the straighter legs. As far as I know, Lululemon doens't have any other flare leg pant. And to just go and change it like that without testing out the market first...

    I'm thinking about getting another pair or 2 just to be really stocked up as well! What if I regret it in the future and can't get them anymore??

  4. I recommend you try on the new version. It's still quite flared - I thought it was a fair bit more flared than my astros.

    I personally don't like the big flare because I feel it makes me look weird - big hips, pinched in knees, big flare. I find the new style flattering without being as narrow as my astros.

    I think they should just sell 2 or 3 types of Grooves - maybe 'classic', 'narrow' and something else. I love the waistband but prefer a slightly more narrow leg.

  5. I found your blog by accident and I have to say it is contributing to a growing obsession with Lululemon gear. Your reviews are really helpful. My city has only had a showroom until now, but they are opening a full store at a mall nearby in November. I'm starting to save up now!

    Question about the Groove pants. Are they all reversible? The website doesn't always have that stated in the product features, but they list the same colors that you got. Thanks!

  6. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for reading! The groove pants I got are all reversible. I believe most of the Groove pants are reversible, maybe with the exception of a few quilted waistband ones. I know they don't state online, and they don't tell you what the reverse side looks like. That would be very useful info! But all the groove pants I've tried on have been reversible so I think it's pretty safe to say that you will get a pair of reversible ones... if not I guess you could always exchange for a different pair! =)

    Btw, it is a dangerous obsession... maybe you want to pull out before you come to the dark side. Hahaha


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