Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lululemon Astro Wunder Under Crop Review

So I finally got my Astro Wunder Under Crop back from hemming yesterday and I was able to try them out during my workout last night.  But first of all, since they refused to hem the crops to cut off the Lulu logo, they took it up as much as they could, and this ended up being the result.  I am NOT happy with this:

Seriously???  I think this is where the seamstress should have taken liberty and moved it up by like 2 centimeters!  I can't imagine that Lululemon would rather have their clothes look like this than to cut off the logo completely.  I'm just annoyed that I had to wait over a week for this, and now I probably have to take them back again.

Luckily though, the logo on these crops are not the regular silver reflective logo, but a rather darker chrome colored one.  Against the dark pant color, it is not all that visible.  Still though, just because I know it's there, it bugs me.  This is not the greatest pic, but you can kind of see what it looks like on me:

Ok, so that sucks.  But I do really like these crops though.  I really really like the color.  I know it's not a far stretch from black but it is different.  In case anyone is wondering, this color doesn't really show sweat either.  Maybe the coverage is not as good as solid black, but you can't really see any wet marks unless you inspect closely.  The waistband is very comfortable, but it is a little looser.  Hmmm maybe I should have got my regular size 4 instead of the 6.  But the rest of the crops seem to fit fine, like around the bum and legs.  So there's no danger of them falling off or anything.  I ran a 5k with them on and they didn't really move so I'm good with that.  I guess it just feels weird that the waistband is not tight like my other crops.  A major pet peeve of mine while running or anything else, is when I have to constantly pull up my pants.

I really wanted to wear them to do yoga, but I was running late and missed yoga class.  So I just ran and did weights.  But I think if they didn't fall down or move around much while running, then they are most likely going to stay put for yoga as well.  I thought they were very comfortable, and I'd definitely be tempted to get another pair if a great color combo comes out later.  I hope these are here to stay, because it's a great hybrid between 2 of my favorite Lulu crop styles.

I actually wore these yesterday with the one side of the waistband rolled down, just to try it out.  Like I said, it stayed in place pretty well so I was pleasantly surprised.

I wore my static very violet/very violet cool racerback inside out with them.  Very violet is VERY similar to dew berry.  So with static very violet, very violet, dew berry, and dew berry wee stripe (?) all in one outfit, I had lots of purply hues going on!  Oh I also wore my very violet 50 Rep bra.

I kind of liked the part of the waistband poking under from the cool racerback.  If I didn't roll the waistband down, there would be no way anyone could see the waistband but me, since the cool racerbacks are so long.  I took a pic from the back view too, with the tank lifted up a little, so you can see all the different berry colors!

Oh hi there butt cheeks!

So the verdict is positive.  Now only if they didn't make the stitch across the logo!!!  I'm going to go back and show them, and hopefully they will let me just hem off the damn logo completely.  I prefer no logo on the leg, because sometimes I wear my wunder unders out as street wear.  The visible logo would push it over to the athletic wear only side.  We'll see.  Maybe I'll try out a different store because I know for a fact that policies are inconsistent among stores!


  1. I don't think I have to tell you what I would be doing about that hemming job......... LOL. Needless to say, they would be fixing it, pronto.

  2. Seriously? You just spent about $80 on a pair of pants and they wouldn't hem them to where you, the customer, wants? I would have pitched a fit... I love my Astro Unders (doesn't that sound better?) too, but was only able to get my size in the all black version. Bummer!

  3. Maybe it's because I live in Vancouver but I have never had a problem with Lulu hemming off their logo. They always ask me if I would like them to screen a new logo on. I would take those back and demand that they fix it.

  4. Yeah, wth? I actually asked about 3 different stores about ironing on the logo once it's cut off. They all told me "NO", they cannot do that. Maybe it's a Canadian thing??? But I did ask the GEC and they said they can do it. I'm confused!!!

  5. How did you go with your crops and the logo?

    I picked mine up - they had pinned them above the logo and said it was fine to remove the logo, however when I got them back, the seamstress had done exactly the same thing as yours, hemmed right through the logo at a longer length!

    I complained and had them pinned again and sent them back to have them done properly and to cut above the logo. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens next ... I scored a free headband for the dramas but I just want my crops back at the right length!

  6. Funny you should ask... I took them back to get re-hemmed, but get this... this time the tailor decided to GO AROUND the logo instead of taking the hem up or down! So basically the stitches around the logo now make a curvy shape rather than a straight line! LOOKS EVEN WORSE!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!! So, needless to say, they stayed in the store to get taken back for the THIRD time. This time, I asked them firmly to just take off that stupid logo and they finally said that's ok, after giving me so much trouble! And no freebies for me either!!! Lucky you!!!

  7. What a pain - that is disgraceful what they did for your crops. Fingers crossed, third time lucky!

    I picked up my crops today and the length is now perfect. The seamstress just ironed on a new shiny logo on both pairs (I bought black and heathered black). It doesn't look too bad, and I don't mind as I only wear my crops for gym anyway. At least they are a comfortable length which is all I wanted in the first place.


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