Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two New Voom Dresses

A couple years ago I bought a really really cute Voom dress - the Magazine Print Mini dress.  I wore it to a wedding once but other than that I have not wore it again, because the print is kind of not something that you could wear a lot.  But I think when summer comes I am going to try to wear it more, because I do really like it.  Here's what it looks like:

So last week when Voom was on Hautelook again, I decided to get 2 more dresses.  This time they were not as cheap though.  I know I got the dress above for either $19 or $29.  But this time the sale ranged from $55 to $70ish.  Still not bad for cute silk dresses!  And they are all made in the USA.

My order arrived yesterday - one thing I love about ordering from Hautelook is that they ship from southern California, so I receive my package the next day!  Though that also means I have to pay CA sales taxes on top of shipping costs, which could add up at almost 10%.

I got the Barbara Sleeveless Dress for $60:

The photos are pretty true to what this dress looks like in person.  It's a different look, with the navy blue viscose layer underneath, and the paisley printed silk layer on top.  I bought it in a size S, and it fits me about the same as how it fits the model but hits me around my knees.  Though they claimed the model also wore a size S and she looks much slimmer and taller than me so I don't see how it could fit the same on her.  I think they must have pinned the back or something when they took her photo!  But anyway, although I like this dress fine, it doesn't really have that wow factor like I hoped.  So I'm not sure about it.  I am thinking about sticking to my New Year's resolution of spending less money (or spend money on only things I love) and return this dress.

I also got this English Rose Sleeveless Dress, for $55:

So this is where I think they definitely pinned the dress back while taking the model's pictures!  It said that the model wore a size S, which is also the size I got.  But it is so freaking huge I am swimming in it.  There is a nude inner layer that fits well.  But the outer silk layer is way way way big.  And not in a flattering way.  I look huge in it.  When I bought this dress I was worried this may be the case, since pictures can be deceiving to say the least.  The model's picture of the back of the dress is especially worrisome.  That is kind of how it looks on me from the front.  But bigger.  So even though I really like this print and the scoop neck, I am going to have to return it.  Dang... if they cut this dress like 5 inches narrower, it would have been so cute!

Too bad, it looks like I may not be keeping either of these dresses.  I was really excited about them too!  


  1. I really like the navy dress, too bad neither fit the way you hoped.

    1. I know, so disappointing! If you want this dress I can ship it to you rather than return it to Hautelook. =)

  2. Sadly, I'm not tiny like you :( I wish it would fit, but no way that it would. And, being so cold here in Nova Scotia, I haven't even been able to get out to do my exercising. I see me breaking out the Tae Bo DVD's again, LOL!

    1. Haha! I used to love my Tae Bo VHS!!! I actually think I got a 4 pack from doing that everyday. But that was when I was young and it was so easy to get in shape... sorry it's been so cold there! It was like in the 80s here the past few weeks, and I was hoping it would get cooler! But now that its in the 60s again I am freezing.. LOL! I can't imagine being in Nova Scotia...


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