Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Got the Bold Blue Hot Class Tank!!!

I am beyond excited right now, because the bold blue Hot Class tank which I have been coveting forever is finally mine!!!  I have been looking for this tank in this color for soooo long, and I actually found a new one off of ebay!  They wanted like $65 for it, but I offered $40 and it got accepted!  Yessss!!!  Such a beautiful tank, I woulda paid big bucks for it.  I actually bought it before Christmas, but it was shipping from Canada so I didn't get it until today.

I love the Hot Class tank so much I have 4 of them now!  I kind of regret returning the violaceous one. And I would still get the senorita pink one if I ever see it on eBay as well.  It's just such a cute style, and sheer luon is my favorite material because it is super soft and wicking.  It's like a super comfortable old t-shirt or something.  I wouldn't mind if every Lululemon tank is made of sheer luon from now on lol.

I can't wait to wear this tank!  I love this color scheme as well which Lululemon has been offering pretty much every year since bold blue.  But I think bold blue has more of a purple undertone than the more recent color cousins, such as wish blue.  To me wish blue looks like a deep Ikea blue.  But they are not that different still.  

Here's a comparison of my wish blue multi-poncho stripe Push Ur Limits tank on the left and this bold blue tank on the right.  The PUL tank is luxtreme, and the bra portion of the Hot Class tank is also luxtreme, it's always better to compare colors in the same material!


  1. Moi aussi, je cherche cette couleur partout mais je ne les pas encore trouvé! chanceuse!! tu es très jolie avec

  2. Il semble que vous avez un admirateur français

  3. The bold blue looks to be more of a purple tone, am I the only one who thinks this? I have a bold blue swiftly and it truly looks to be purple. Congrats on scoring your hard to find tank.

  4. Oh you speak French too Becky?? That's great! I wish I continued studying French, but I really can't remember much. =(

    I do think bold blue has a purple undertone but it looks more blue to me than purple. However, my hubby swears that it is completely purple. Hahaha! Either way I love the color!

  5. what other colors of this tank are you looking for? Someone is selling one of these on the fb pages for $25 + shipping but its only black, so not really a "fun" color :P

  6. I really would like this tank in senorita pink. $25 is a really good deal for this tank though, so tempting! Hmmm... I do tend to stay away from black and gray tops though...


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