Friday, July 29, 2011

Lululemon Pearl Luxtreme Cool Racerback... Not A Huge Fan!

So I got the Pigeon Pearl Luxtreme cool racerback from Lululemon recently, and I was able to take it out on a "test drive" yesterday. 

I was initially excited about this tank because I really like the color and the subtle "pearly-ness" in the fabric, and the material felt nice and silky to the touch.  It's a great neutral to have other than black, white and coal.  I also like the reverse side stitching contrast with the pigeon color.  It's the perfect color for summer and goes with pretty much everything.

But after my workout I really was not impressed and am now kind of wishing I hadn't used it already so I could return it.  The material felt a little too thick and stiff when I was doing cardio and weights yesterday.  It reminded me of the old Lullure fabric Lululemon used to make which I have in my older Dance Strap tanks.  While I like the sheen that the material gives in those tanks, I never wear them for hard workouts because the material is heavy and the tanks are rather low support and low cut.  So I normally just wear them to pilates or yoga, and they are fine for that.  I think pearl luxtreme is slightly thinner than lullure, and not as stiff.  But this material and fit were just not to my liking. Not to mention it kept creeping its way up as I was moving around.  I wasn't even wearing luxtreme bottoms!  When I wear my normal cool racerbacks to workout in, you can usually see a good inch or two of the front of my bra underneath and the tank never moves up.  But yesterday the tank creeped up so much that the bra was completely hidden at one point.  When I looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed that the whole body of the tank had moved up by a few inches, there were so many wrinkles on me I felt like a bull dog.  And it stopped at a really unflattering point where the light was hitting the shine in the fabric, it created a shadow along the stomach giving it a pooch look.  Seriously I thought I was either really bloated or preggers for a second.  It may have been a unfortunate lighting coincidence, but it didn't make me feel too cute.  

I will give this tank another shot later to see how it works as I do still love the color.  If it performs under expectations again I will likely be selling it.  I have 2 dressers with total 6 drawers dedicated entirely to my cool racerbacks and other Lululemon tanks and bras, but I still have a hard time closing the drawers sometimes.  So I really need to reserve the space for only the ones I love (yes my drawer space is premium real estate!). 


  1. I bought the pigeon lux CRB and ended up returning it too. For me, the color didn't look that great on my skin tone and the size 2 I normally take was not flattering - but the 4 felt too loose. Lulu did also come out with two other colors in the luxtreme crbs - royalty and dewberry but I wasn't a fan of the fabric on any either :(

    You can always sell on ebay as once worn and get most (or probably all) of your money back!

  2. Oh man i am an online shopper only on lulu (since there isn't on in my state) and I have an older heathered plum CRB that is kinda shiny and SUUUPER soft so I assumed that this would be like that was as well. Shucks, I ordered the royalty CRB yesterday. I'll get it next week so I'll have to see for myself I guess. :-/

    thanks for this post!!!

  3. Oh, sad face! I ordered two of the lux CRBs and they're in the mail (or I secretly suspect they're travelling via donkey or homing pigeon - how else can it take 2 FULL WEEKS to get to me?!). Disappointed though, I missed out on a lot of the pretty statics from last year so I was hoping these would be similar. I'm not a huge fan of luxtreme for tops & tanks anyway, I'd take running luon any day over luxtreme. Sad!

  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! But you may like this material more than me... To each their own! I love the static cool racerback I have. It's soooo soft I sleep in it all the time. The lux is silkier and feels not as breathable. I like lux for running bottoms but topics are tricky in this material. I have sold all my lux running pullovers actually - even my Hills pullover! Got a pretty penny foe that baby. I would sleep in running Luon or sheer Luon lol. My only lux tops are my push ur limits now which I don't even wear much anymore.

  5. I agree, the Luxtreme tank seemed to dig under my arms and it kept riding up, this was just in the store! Sadly, I did not buy it. I am glad to hear that it was not just me who had issues with that tank.

  6. I've read reviews on the lulu facebook pages that have stated over and over the these CRBS creep up while work out and create wrinkles. You're not the only one.

  7. I am not a fan of the lux crb, I personally think they reveal flaws, and not soft and comfy like the other crb.

  8. I bought this top a couple weeks ago and went for a test drive with it. The thing that bothered me the most was that it kept riding up! However I put it through the wash and dryer afterwards and wore it again and it did not seem to ride up as easily, if at all...Maybe washing it washes some of the 'pearl' luxtreme away?

    I had bought a top for my daughter for her Birthday in Aventura, FL, and when she tried to exchange it for a different size, they REFUSED, because it was just outside of their 14 day return policy, which appeared ambiguous to me, and it was a GIFT.  They failed to put a Gift receipt in the bag with the top, and the sales girl well knew it was a gift, because I requested it be gift wrapped, which they CANNOT DO either.

    Customer Service, I do not see it, even after I spoke to their corporate offices, they still refused to accept the exchange.  Hopefully, this blog will send them a message that customer service comes first, and would have been more profitable in the long run.

    For me, I will NEVER BUY any LULULEMON again.  You might not want to either if you support me and real customer service.

    LULU's own MANIFESTO clearly states "Friends are more important than money", and clearly "THAT'S A LIE"


  10. Hoestly, I work at LuLu and it is the biggest ripe off. I don't get it. Take a look around ladies you are becoming a nation of camel toes! Have you looked at your crotch. Nothing flatering about their clothes. Wake up!


    1. I wear panty liners when I wear lulu pants and it prevent the camel toe... for me anyway...

  11. I usually wear the regular kind and they do cut in a little at the top. Btw, has anyone noticed a difference in the quality of luon lately? I just received my order of heathered black WU crops today


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