Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lululemon Mind Over Matter Pullover / Small Sunday Funday

Oh good Blogger is back just in time for my new purchase!  Thought it lost all the comments from the last post.  Sorry guys.  =(

So I bought the Lululemon Mind Over Matter Pullover in Pink Mist today!  I've been feeling a little sick, but my fiance and his friend were teaching a free class at the Lululemon store this morning so I went.  I figure sometimes sweating helps to get rid of the germs.  But sometimes you get sicker, so we'll see what happens this time.  Of course after the class, which was awesome by the way, I stayed around to check out stuff.  It's actually been a while since I last stepped foot into a Lululemon store, so I wasn't familiar with any of the new stuff.  I saw lots of different things in this pink mist color, which is a faint pink and is gorgeous!  I don't usually feel compelled to buy more than one item in the same color, but I think I definitely need more stuff in pink mist.  I also have like, eh hem, 10, Lululemon running pullovers in my closet.  There was a time when I felt like I had to buy every new pullover that came out, just because I'm a hoarder.  But now I am more picky about what I buy since I have so many and don't wear most of them.

I could not resist the Mind Over Matter in pink mist though!  And I even told myself that I'd only buy running luon pullovers a while ago.  I find running luon to be more comfortable and flattering than luxtreme.  But I think the luxtreme in this pullover is thinner and stretchier for some reason.  I could be making things up.  But I swear my others that I have owned and sold over time were stiffer.  I also told myself I would not buy another white pullover, since the sleeves of my white Energy Pullover have turned grey no matter what I do to keep them white.  Pink mist is very light and might have the same issue.  But, I think I can keep luxtreme cleaner than running luon. 

I took some pictures.  As you can see, this material doesn't hide any bumps - You can totally see the waistband of my groove pants under.  I probably could have sized up to a 6, but I got it in my regular size 4.

I love the back of this pullover.  It's got very slight contrasting panels.  There's also cute little ruffles on the neck.  

I think I'll wear it around and see if I need to go back and exchange for a size 6.  I kind of have a feeling a size 6 would not be much different.  As far as style goes, this pullover isn't really different from any of the other ones in my closet that have a front zipper that goes down to the middle of the chest, a side back zipper pocket, thumbholes, some contrasting panels, etc.  But the neck is higher, similar to the Inspire pullover, which I love.  Now when I put on my old Hills Pullover, it totally bugs me that the neck is not as high.  But of course I still can't part with them though.  =)

Alright so now onto the Sunday Funday part.  I only worked out 3 times this week, since I am coming down with something.  And I also need more time to study.  

Monday 5/9
What I did:  Ran for about 45 minutes with different intervals - sprints, hills, etc.  Then 30 minute mat pilates.

What I woreJuicy Couture yoga tank, with bright blue Lululemon Flow Y bra under.  Groove pants.  Run: Brisk pullover as to/from.

Tuesday, 5/10
What I did:  Ran for about 30 minutes with crazy sprint intervals.  I ran at a speed of 11-12 mph.  I did numerous sprints of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - it's a killer.  Literally after 4 minutes (8 on/off), you feel like death.  I also did some one minute on, one minute off intervals.  I like doing this because it takes half of the time to get double the results.  Then I did a 60 minute yoga class. 

What I woreLululemon Hot Class tank in coal/purple crush, and Wunder Grooves

I have on here my Jumpstart gym bag in foxy plaid which I love, and am so glad I got 2 of them - this one and one in angel blue.  They are 2 of the best looking duffel bags that I think Lululemon has ever come out with.  Very unique.  I wish they had more structure to them, but they look good when they are full.  The potion purple in the bag compliments the purple crush part of the tank nicely, if I do say so myself!

Sunday 5/15
What I did:  Ran intervals again, of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  For about 15 minutes.  Then went to Lululemon and took the hour long circuit class which had 18 different stations.  It was a killer!  We did everything you can think of.  From pushups, to burpees, to jump squads, etc.  

What I woreLululemon Electric Orange cool racerback (but looks pink in the picture for some reason), Chirp Flow Y, and Groove pants.  With my teal zeal Inspire Pullover on top. 

The cool racerback that's poking out from under the Inspire pullover on the bottom picture resembles the actual color a lot more.  Maybe I need to find a new spot in the house to take pictures, because this one is right underneath a light which probably blew out the color.  Oh well.  

So I think I am going to keep an eye out for a tank in pink mist.  I saw the swiftlys and the racerbacks, and Push Ur Limits in pink mist today.  But I couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I didn't end up getting any.  I think I would have got the swiftly tank, but they didn't have my size.  Maybe I also need some new bottoms in pink mist too.  A skirt would be nice!


  1. Love the colours this week! I definitely recommend the pink mist crb - the stitching around the inside of the neck and sleeves is shades of pink - it looks awesome when worn inside out!

  2. Love your Sunday funday posts! Inspires my creativity wearing my own lulu collection! Keep them coming!!

  3. Another sucker for pullovers! I have 4 now, black Energy (favorite!) white Energy, Mac n cheese Hills & Wish blue Dash... LOVE them all but NO MORE PULLOVERS I swear.

  4. Pink Mist is such a nice color, but I can't get past the name! I always think of Kyle Chandler's character from Grey's Anatomy all those years ago. Ha! I was trying to stop buying so much Lulu (since I just bought Studio Pant crops AND the full length pants), but I do like Luxtreme tops...

  5. I tried tons of pink mist items on me but the color does nothing on me even though I love the color and would love to look great in it. I am not sure it is because my coloring or what. I only have Athleta pullovers and don't have any Lulu's. I would love to get it someday though. I wonder if it is better than other brands?

  6. Please switch the pink mist pullover in a size up, or even 2 sizes up. It is way too tight for you. I'm sorry. I actually think most of your photo posts show clothing too tight.

  7. I think the pullover looks great! Not too tight at all. In fact, I think all the clothes fit you just fine. I love these Sunday Funday posts too - it's cool to see the mixing and matching of the colours. Keep up the great work, and feel better soon! :)

  8. I love the Hot Class on you -- makes me regret not getting one!!

    I have the pink mist crb and love it!! such a pretty shade!

    @anon731-- Ouch!! Catty, much -- she looks awesome in her lulu!

  9. Isn't it weird when people anonymously criticize others? It's like, with my close girlfriends I tend to not voice comments like this even if they cross my mind because I feel it can be rude and then you troll someone's blog and start saying things that you don't want to attach your name to?

    I think the PM pullover looks great on you, you clearly work out a ton and it's paying off! I wear a 6 in the pullovers and I know I'm bigger than you, so there's no reason for you to size up.

  10. Hey MSE,

    Looking fantastic (as always)! How are your blinged out nails holding up? :)

    Hope you are feeling better.

  11. I think Lululemon is smaller than other brands. I usually wear XS in other brands but I wear 6 in Lululemon. Also I noticed some people prefer clingy fit and some people prefer looser fit. Since you have a great figure, it looks great IMO.

  12. I'll throw my 2 cents in and say that i think the 4 fits perfect :)

    Also--do you run in your groove pants? I have never run or really even sweated in pants indoors (im a crops girl), and I have been wanting to try out a pair of grooves because I never have. But i was worried they would be too hot. I see people all the time doing cardio in them and I was curious about your feedback, thanks!! :)

  13. Thanks for your support guys! Hehe I'm actually surprised it has taken this long for a hater to comment. I appreciate constructive criticism, but saying "please switch it" is pretty classless. As if my pictures are making you so uncomfortable, then why keep coming back? How about something like "I think it looks a little tight on you, and a size up would look better". Hmm... please go get some manners?

    And for the record, these are exercise clothes. They are supposed to be fitted. I have tops in size 4 and 6 depending on style, sizing up any more than that would make the chest unsupportive, which defeats the purpose of a built in sports bra!

  14. @Jenn: I love wearing my cool racerbacks inside out. I have the bubbilicious one that has a light pink stitching on the inside - sounds like the opposite of the pink mist! If I end up getting the swiftly tank, then I will probably pass on the cool racerback in this color. We'll see!

    @Anon 5:44 - No more pullovers? I've heard that before. Oh yeah, it was my own voice inside my head. Hahaha. For some reason I don't think this will be my last pullover still.

    @Jane: I actually don't have any pullovers of other brands, so I can't tell you. However, I can say that I do really love Lulu ones though.

    @momof5: Thanks! I am really hoping more hot class tanks in different colors will come out in the future. It's one of my favs!

    @Becky: Haha, the nails are actually still looking good! I'm surprised at how well the 3D art stayed. I don't think they are going anywhere! P.S. I got your email, will respond soon I promise!

    @strawb3rries: I do run in my groove pants sometimes. It does tend to get hot but not unbearable, but I only wear them to run in on cold days, and normally on treadmills instead of outside. That's just because I don't want the back of my pants to get dirty from running outside. I actually like groove pants for running because of their high waist - they will not slip down! Sometimes my luxtreme bottoms tend to slip a little until I get sweatier and it "sticks" to my body. I think groove pants are a good stable to have because they are good for most things, and look great!

  15. agree with J! the anon criticism is so silly. i also think the pullover looks great on you. i tried the MoM pullover in 2 sizes, and found the biggest difference was that the larger size was longer, and stayed down over my hips. i preferred the smaller size so i could wear it slightly bunched up to show a pop of color from a tank underneath.

  16. grove pants=I'm sold. now to wait for some cute colored waistband thingies.... :)


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