Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lululemon Outward Bound Jacket

Ok I know it is now in the middle of summer and it's been almost 100 degrees here everyday.  But when I saw the Lululemon Outward Bound Jacket in white on sale on the Canadian side of the website, I had to contact the Vancouver Lulu buyer Nancy who offers her awesome services to buy and ship stuff to Lululemon nuts like me!  It was my first time asking her to buy anything for me from Canada and she was so great!  She kindly ordered it for me and shipped it to me.  I now can have this super cute snow bunny jacket sitting in my closet for the next 6 months.  Hehehe.  But I wouldn't have it any other way because I fell in love with this jacket ever since it first came out and I tried it on at the Santa Monica store.  I was sooooo tempted to buy it but eventually passed on it since it was $188 and I knew I wouldn't get enough use out of it living in the So Cal climate.  The sale price of $99 is a lot more acceptable, even though I totally forgot that the Canadian dollar is now worth more than USD.

I just really like how this jacket fits.  I put it on briefly just to remember how cute it was, even though it made me sweaty immediately - that's how hot it is here!  I got the size 4 and there's still room for another light layer underneath.  But it's pretty much the perfect fit.  It's a somewhat puffy jacket but does not make you look fat at all.  I think the back view is especially slimming, around the waistline.  There are also two zippers on both front sides that zip down and completely opens up the jacket to cool you down.  I thought there was a stowable hood hidden inside the collar, but I guess not.  Oh well.

I don't think I'd ever wear this jacket running, especially around here because I would die from heat exhaustion.  But I could definitely wear it as a street jacket on colder days here.  Also, I can wear it when I go snowboarding, though I haven't gone in like 2 years!  But if I were to go next winter, I'd have the perfect outfit for it.  Always good to plan ahead!  =)

Anyway, so happy I was able to get this jacket!  Sometimes waiting does pay off.  It must be meant to be!


  1. with the CAD/US conversion + Nancy's tip/fee. how much did you end up paying?

  2. Cute! I can't wear white well so I always envy those who can.

  3. @Anon 10:16 - I can't remember the exact amount since I sent it as Canadian dollars and let Paypal do the exchange. Tax and shipping together were about $20 and the exchange rate wasn't much more - it was only about $5 more when converted to USD.

    @Anon 3:10 - haha I can do white outer wear as to/from, but I tend to stay away from whites normally too. I hate it when the inside of cuffs turn grayish after a while and you can't make it sparkling white no matter what you do! So normally when I buy white, I try to buy items with darker cuffs. Like this jacket has gray stripy cuffs so it's perfect!


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