Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Blue Multi Striped Cardigan

Wow, I finally bought something I like from Beyond the Rack .  I don't really like this site, because every time I order something, shipping is so so so slow.  I'm talking at least a month.  But a couple months ago I ordered this sweater dress that was pretty cheap, thinking I could wait a month or so for it to show up.  But months went by and then one day they just canceled my order saying they didn't have it anymore!  I paid for it with partial credit, so then I had to find something else to spend my credit on.  So I picked this Baby Blue Multi Striped Cardigan that I figured I could wear to work, and it was only $19:

I don't know what brand Baby Blue is, but it says the original price of this sweater was $78.  I had my doubts about that, but it's actually a really nice sweater!  The material is very soft, pleasant against the skin and it's a really cute fit!  I wore it to work today with a skirt and boots, but I also tried it on with pants and it looks pretty good as well!  I'm really surprised since I didn't really expect to like it too much.  This is 20 bucks well spent for sure!

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