Saturday, January 7, 2012

Calvin Klein Ellie Shearling Boot

I bought these Calvin Klein Ellie Shearling Boots back in December from ideeli and I was anxiously awaiting their shipment because they looked so darn cute!  I love shearling boots, especially with the wedge heel, even though I live in LA where it was over 80 degrees in the first week of January.

From the pictures I saw that they can be worn over the knee, or folded down.

They looked so promising!  And they were such a good deal at $69.  Other websites are selling them for like $149.  But when I received them I was rather disappointed.  The material is very thin and flimsy.  They don't really have shape and won't stay up well on their own, except the foot area.  I wish the shaft had more of a structure to them!  So sadly, these are not going to work for me and I have shipped them back.  

Oh well, money saved!  I can continue my New Years Resolution of not spending as much money lol.


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