Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Funday Post

A lot of you have been asking me what type of workouts I do on a normal basis.  So I started tracking it last week, I thought it'd be fun to write a post about it along with what I wore for each workout!  As you will see, nothing too crazy!  Each time I workout, it's only about an hour or so, I can squeeze in that time for myself even when I have tons of stuff going on.  I always plan to go as often as I can, but if I don't make it one day then I don't make it.  No big deal.  I do try to get in at least 4 times a week though.

So here it goes!  Starting from last Saturday.

Saturday, 2/26
What I did:  A circuit workout:  5 different stations (i.e. biceps, shoulders, push-ups, treadmill, etc.), 1 minute at each station.  Go around twice.  Then change up the stations for different muscle groups/workouts, and go another 1 minute at each station and go for 2 rounds.  Then repeat a 3rd time.  End with 10 minute jog on the treadmill.  With rest time in between, this took about an hour exactly.

What I woreLululemon senorita pink groove pants and new Juicy Couture yoga top in almost the exact shade as senorita pink.  I wore my bright blue Flow Y bra under the tank for a pop of color.
As a to and from, I wore my Ever hoodie - I just bought my fiance one, seriously if you are in the market for a nice hoodie, this is it.  The most comfortable hoodie ever!  Sorry Lululemon, your scuba/remix does not compare.

I couldn't find a picture of the Bright Blue color, so this one is Snorkle Blue, which is very similar so it'll have to do!
The middle one

Sunday, 2/27
What I did:  Went to a new studio near me and took their signature class which consisted of 30 minutes of treadmill work with different speed and incline intervals, 20 minutes of weights, and 10 minute of core work. 

What I wore:  Lululemon Push Ur Limits tank in Passion, and black Team Spirit crop.
As my to and from, I wore my Diesel hoodie

Monday, 2/28
What I did:  Hot yoga class.

What I woreLululemon Hot Class tank in Lagoon, and Denim Wunder Unders (this was a bad call as denim is hot and not very breathable... what was I thinking??)
I wore my Inspire Pullover in static teal zeal as my to and from.   It ended up being just the "to" since I was so sweaty afterwards, I just wore my towel over me for the drive home!

Tuesday 3/1 - rest day.

Wednesday 3/2
What I did:  400 meter sprint followed by 200 meter rest.  Repeat 4 times.  
6 super sets of weights, including push-ups on ball, planks on bozu ball, high bar pull-ups, and other various lunges and squads with weights.  
Finish with a couple mile run at the end.

What I wore:  Lululemon lavender Run: Swiftly SS, and Lolo purple / Power purple Groove pants.
It was a super cold night, I busted out my old school Special Edition Remix hoodie in black/ greenland to keep me warm on my way there and back.  This is the only Lulu hoodie I own...

My fiance snapped this silly pic of me as we were walking to the elevator!

Thursday 3/3 - Planned on going to the barre class, but got lazy when I got home from work so this turned into another rest day.
Friday 3/4 - Shopped for 3 hours - does this count as a workout?  =)

Saturday 3/5
What I did:  Ran around this park near me for about 3.5 miles.  I was slow because it was damn hot!  I think it was 80 degrees yesterday.  So I finished it in about 40 minutes.  The heat really slows me down.  But my heart rate was high so I burned more calories than usual!

What I woreLululemon Run Swiftly SS in Fruity Tootie, coal Run: Jog Skirt, with the Caribe Not So Deep V bra under.  I meant to take pictures of myself in different outfits for each workout, but I ended up either forgetting or not having the time throughout the week.  So this was actually the only picture I took!

I love running skirts, but don't get to wear them often as they are not very practical if I want to do anything other than running!

Sunday 3/6 (today!)
What I did:  Spin class!  It was a hard one too with tons of intervals, hills, jumps, sprints, etc.

What I woreLululemon Cool Racerback in Little Boy Blue, Chirp Flow Y bra for the pop of color, and Bright Blue Passion Crop!
And my to and from today, I wore my Angel Blue Define Jacket!

So that's it!  I always try to mix up my workouts so I don't get bored and I keep my body guessing.  Hopefully this coming week I will be able to make it out there more!  Hope you all had a nice weekend and keep motivated!  =)


  1. Love this post too!
    You legs looks great in the running skirts. More pictures please!

  2. Thanks guys! This was a goofy one, but would be fun to do once in a while, huh? More reasons to buy Lulu. =)

  3. Hey if I am a solid size 4 in Lulu tops, what size Ever hoodie would you recommend? I do have a longer torso - so I'm a little nervous about ordering an Ever hoodie. I love the most Lulu tops/hoodies are longer than your average top/hoodie. Do you have any recommendations?

  4. Hmmm I'm a lulu 4 too and wear a small in the Ever hoodie and it's roomy. It is on the short side though, and it's def a diff fit from lulu jackets. It's supposed to be relax fit and it's not as structured. It's super soft and comfy though! I don't know if sizing up to a medium would make it much longer or just wider, since I've never tried on a medium. I think it looks cuter short though because of the baggier style. Are you near a store to try it on?

  5. Thanks for the suggestions -- I think I'll hold off since Im not in a store to try on. I don't mind a shorter length fit, if thats the style, but with my long torso I hate having something fit short when its not meant to be. I'm going Vegas this weekend, maybe I can hunt down a store to try these on! You can never have too many great hoodies!


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