Friday, March 18, 2011

Betsey Johnson Earrings from Ideeli

I kind of have a mild obsession with Betsey Johnson earrings.  I just find them so out there and fun!  Perfect for a night out on the town, and a great way to dress up an outfit.  You just can't wear them with matching necklaces - that is just way too much stuff around the face.  Bracelets would work though.  Anyway, when I saw the Betsey Johnson sale on ideeli for such great deals, I just couldn't help myself!

I got 3 pairs, and would have got more if the ones I wanted didn't sell out so fast!

So first, I got the Crystal & Pearl Studs:

How fun are these!  I love the different textures and colors clustered together.  Together they make a heart shape, but you can't really see it in person - they just look round, or oval shaped.  But I really love these and think I can get a lot of use out of them.  They are a little bit understated but still fun enough to be noticed.  I don't usually like stud earrings, I like more flowy and dangly types (see below).  But this one is so cute.  They were only $14, down from original $30.

Next I got these pearl drop earrings:

They have the cute leopard print little glass crystals which is very different.  I have many earrings in this dangly style (a lot from Betsey Johnson), and I love every single one of them.  Betsey Johnson is known for her mismatch earrings, but these are identical.  I like how she always combines very feminine designs like crystals and bows, with more harder and edgier elements like black roses, or skulls, etc.  I also really like eurowire closures because they stay put better and feel more comfortable on.  I like my earrings to make a statement (but nothing too crazy), because I don't wear really "out there" necklaces or rings or anything.  Her stuff has the perfect subtlety for me. They are also very light - much lighter than they look - which is nice as your ears will not be weighed down.  Great for all day wear!  I got these for $18, down from $40.

Lastly, I got these bow and crystal drop earrings:

These are kind of girly and princessy, but that's ok.  I like the medium length on them.  I think they would work well with certain outfits.  It's funny that all the earrings I got this time are gold plated.  I don't normally like gold in jewelry.  I'm much more of a white gold person.  But I guess this is actually antique gold.  I like gold in fun ghetto jewelry.  Not that I think these are ghetto.  Lol.  But you know.  They also got eurowire closure.  They were also $15, down from $35.  

These were great deals!  I stalk Betsey Johnson's website and store quite often, and they don't ever get marked down that much.  When I've seen Betsey Johnson on sale sites like Gilt, Ruelala, Hautelook, etc. they usually just have her shoes and dresses (and always the same ones too).  They don't usually have earrings, at least not cute ones that you'd actually want to buy.  So I'm glad I got them from ideeli!  It pays to keep track of sales on all these sites I guess. 

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