Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ray-Ban Unisex RB3407 Sunglasses

Ahhhh I've been such a bad blogger lately!!  It's been the longest week, and I just want it to be over already!  I have been studying a lot and working of course, and trying to work out more often.  I just did a hard workout tonight that included a 3.5 mile sprint/run, a bunch of super sets with heavy weights, and busted out the ropes towards the end - those things are a killer!  Seriously 30 seconds of it kills me.  So an hour later I am a little dead.  But I thought I'd write about my new awesome Ray-Ban sunglasses that I got from Ruelala last week, since the UPS guy just delivered them today! And I love them!

I've been trying to catch Ray-Ban on one of those discount sites forever.  They don't appear very often, and they sell out super fast usually, especially the aviators - usually within minutes, or an hour at the most.  I've kicked myself hard before for missing out.  I have lots of sunglasses, like Fendi, Dolce, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Chanel, etc. etc., I was really into designer sunglasses for a while about 3-4 years ago.  But I don't even wear them anymore.  Ray-Bans are just classic.  They are the original aviators!  I love the aviator look.  I think it looks good with the shape of my face more than other sunglasses designs.  I have a pair of no-brand aviators that have gray lense, so I thought it'd be cool to get these with the blue tint.

They are super lightweight, and feel very comfortable on.  The lense color looks just like the stock pictures so I am happy with that.  There is the signature Ray-Ban logo on the top right corner of the right lense.  Plus they are unisex so if I get bored of them, I can just give them to my fiance.  Lol.  I think they look more on the manly side anyway because of the top horizontal bar.  They retail for $145 and Ruelala had them for $69.  Pretty good deal! 

Here's what the case looks like - It's hard to tell from this picture, but I really like how slim it is.  It will fit into purses nicely.

Ok, so that's that.  I haven't had time to shop for anything else lately!  However, I did get both my Federal and State tax refunds last week, which was a lot this year!  I got my first time home buyers tax credit, which was awesome, and have more deductions this year and some capital losses.  It pains me to see how much tax is taken away each year so I'm happy to get more back this time.  I also got my annual bonus this week!  My company has their fiscal year end set at 2/28 so that's why we get it at this time vs. year end.  The bonus level at my industry is pretty good, it's not uncommon to get 100% bonus.  I was hoping to get closer to 100% this year, but it didn't happen.  It's not bad though, so I shouldn't complain.  I know the economy is still not doing well, but my firm is making a lot of money.  We'll see what happens when my quarterly profit share comes out next.

So my point is, I've been sitting on 3 large deposits in my bank account and haven't spent a cent!  LOL so unlike me!  Ok, I know there are worse problems to have.  But I really need to catch up and have a shopping spree!  Though I should probably save a portion for home improvement projects - I want to re-tile my shower, get new double pane windows, add more crown molding, add a kitchen backsplash, and replace my dishwasher that stopped working.  Oh and I'd like to get new floors too.  And new furniture/decorations are always nice.  Gosh, being a home owner is really not what it's all cracked up to be!  And, not to mention I still need to get a wedding dress, but I have given up on that (for now).  Frankly, it is just too much pressure!  How am I supposed to find the perfect dress??  I don't think I'll find "the one".  People have said that when I was buying my place, that I would just know when I saw it.  Well, I saw lots of properties and thought 3 of them were "the one".  So I'm expecting the same thing to happen to "the dress". 

This weekend I am going to meet with an engagement photographer I've met once before and try to set a date for the shoot.  It's a pretty crazy one - he has a full on makeup and hair crew, and they have tons of fancy dresses for you to wear during the shoot.  Basically it will be as many locations as you want and takes pretty much all day.  The pictures will be more fashion shots than traditional engagement pictures.  His rate is expensive - more than a lot of photographers charge to shoot a wedding.  But I still want to do it because it will be nice to have good pictures to look at.  That's something worth spending extra money on I guess.  Plus, he might give me a deal if I book him for my wedding as well.  Though that means I will have to fly him to Tahoe and pay for his expenses too.

Ok I'm totally rambling now.  This post was just meant for my new sunglasses!  Hehe.  This is a sign that I'm uber tired and it is time to go to bed!

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