Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wedding Shop from Bloomingdale's

Soooo... I kind of gave up wedding dress shopping for a while, since nothing too promising came out of the last try.  But time is passing by fast!  The wedding is pretty much exactly 6 months away, and from what I hear, this is the time I should have a dress already.  I've just been really busy with stuff like work and study, that I haven't had time to schedule any appointments.  I think I'm going to try and get to a couple different bridal shops in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, I got an opportune email from Bloomingdale's today with a link to their wedding shop.  I peeked at it and actually ended up ordering 2 dresses from there!  Of course though, I talked to their customer service dept first and made sure that they were both returnable.  Their return policy is actually pretty good - you can bring anything back within 3 months to return, including one of the dresses that has to be special ordered!  The two dresses are kind of similar in style, so one definitely will be returned.  After looking at lots of different pictures, websites and magazines, I've decided that I really like dresses with lots of organza and feathers that are rather popular nowadays.  It's just such a romantic look, and would be great for my beach theme since they don't have long trains.

The first one I got is the Sue Wong Strapless Feather Gown.  I got this dress in white, not the peachy color as shown below.

I really really like this gown, I think it's just gorgeous and will be great in white.  I'm really hoping that this will be "the one".  How perfect if I have this as my wedding dress, and my other Sue Wong dress I just bought from Hautelook for either the reception or the rehearsal dinner (actually BBQ) the night before!  

They kind of match!  So fingers crossed for this dress!  It will be awesome if I can get a perfect dress without having to deal with going to an actual store.  And it's priced at $658 which is pretty cheap as far as wedding dresses go (I'm still trying to wrap my head around this).  Bloomingdale's has it in stock and they will be shipping it out within 48 hours so I guess I will be getting it soon enough!

This gown is similar, but it looks like it has more organza stuff than feathers.  It could look beautiful if it ends up fitting well too.  But I am not crazy about the black sash belt, so if this ends up being the one, I will get a different sash.  Maybe something like this Vera Wang floral sash from David's Bridal

I think it will go very well with the Tadashi Shoji dress because the Vera Wang dress almost looks exactly the same in the front.  It's just more "me" than black.

The Tadashi Shoji dress is $808, so I hope the Sue Wong dress ends up being the winner!  This is the one that has to be ordered, so I will be getting it in about a month or so.  

I really hope that one of the dresses will be a good candidate for me so I don't have to feel so pressured to go find a dress right away.  Besides, the return period is 3 months, so during that time I can still shop for other dresses just in case I like something better.  Then I can still return it at Bloomingdale's.  It's great!  I should've thought of this idea sooner.  I guess I didn't expect that you could return wedding dresses there, since normal bridal shops don't allow that, even David's won't take anything back.  If I end up not liking either dress, I will just return both.  No biggie.  I didn't even have to pay shipping for them because Bloomingdale's ships for free on orders over $300.  So it's really a win-win situation I think.  Now the wait begins!


  1. I love the Sue Wong dress! I am sure it will look fabulous on you. I can totally picture it for a beach wedding.

  2. For what the opinion of an internet stranger is worth, I think the Tadashi Shoji dress is absolutely gorgeous! I hope either works for you though :)

  3. I anxiously await your review on these dresses. I think both are so beautiful. Similiar, yet just different enough, especially the bodice. Gorgeous! Please keep us posted.

  4. Ohhh my favorite is the Sue Wong ;) I love the sweetheart-ish neckline! They are both very unique--I'm really surprised you could even find two dresses that look so smiliar. I'm excited to hear what you think about them!

  5. http://www.exoticexcess.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Sue-Wong-Strapless-Feather-Gown.jpg



    (The white Sue Wong, for reference)

  6. Lovely choices! I think the Sue Wong one will be gorgeous! Hope it works out!! That is my fave out of all of them! Keep us posted!

  7. Thanks Anon for the pictures of the white gown! It looks so pretty in white! Just as I imagined. =)

    I will definitely keep you all posted when I receive it! Hopefully sooooon!!!

  8. I love the Sue Wong one also -- I think it is perfect for a beachy wedding -- you will look stunning I am sure!! Good Luck!!

  9. The Sue Wong dress is absolutely gorgeous. What a great price too. It's my favorite. I bet you will look great in it. I like the other one too but the Sue Wong looks stunning. Can't wait to see what you think when it arrives. I had no idea Bloomies had wedding dresses and a 3 month return policy on something special ordered that is awesome. Good Luck!

  10. Thanks!! I just got an email that the Sue Wong dress was shipped today! I'm supposed to get it on Tuesday... can't wait!

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