Thursday, March 10, 2011

Joie Stuff from Beyond the Rack

I made my first Beyond the Rack purchase a few weeks ago when they had the Joie sale.  I love Joie!  I always lust over the Joie section at Saks or Bloomingdales.  So I finally took the plunge and gave Beyond the Rack a shot.  The reason I hadn't until now was because I had read a lot of complaints from different people about BTR - for example, ordered items never arrive, returns aren't processed, can't get through the customer service, etc. etc.  I made the order about 3 or 4 weeks ago, just received them today.  So the processing time is rather long, and I never got a "item shipped" email from them.  But at least they arrived.  Lol.  They shipped from NY, so shipping time alone took almost a week to get here.

I ordered 2 things - the Two Face Hooded Sweater in Prime Rose, down from $150 to $55, and the Ruched Top in Oyster, down from $140 to $50.

I thought this sweater was kind of neat, it's got a little urban hip thing going on.  It's different from everything else in my closet.  It also came in white and black, I believe.  But I went with this prime rose color which is like a pinkish tan.  It's a good sweater to throw over a short sleeve shirt or tank top.  Though it's been so hot here the past couple days - over 80 degrees!  So I can't wear this right now.  What a bummer.  When I ordered it, it was like 50 degrees and I thought it looked cozy.  Lol.   I ordered it in a size S and it fits true to size and I like it on me.  The length is just right.  It's made of nylon, wool and angora.  The wool makes it slightly scratchy if I don't wear anything under it.  But I think it will be fine with a tank top under.  It's pretty warm too.

I then ordered this Ruched Top because I thought I could wear it under a jacket to work:

I also got this in a size S.  It's a pretty cute and girly top in person when I'm holding it in my hands.  The material is very soft and comfortable too.  But it looks horrible on me!  The chest does not fit right.  The bottom of the seam under the bust kind of sits 2/3 of the way down my boobs, and cuts them off weird.  They also look spread out towards the armpits and not supported well, even though I wore a moderately supportive bra under.  And I don't even have big boobs to begin with.  On me, it does not look anything like it does on the model.  I don't know if sizing up would have helped, since everywhere else fits fine.  So I'm thinking this cut just doesn't work on me.  It's definitely going back.  Oh well, I'm not too upset about this one.  It's an average looking top I can get anywhere else.  It was just one of those things where I was already ordering the hooded sweater, so I thought I'd add it along.  So now I will get to experience how the return process works with Beyond the Rack.  Should be interesting!  They did send me a return label along with the package, so I'm hoping it will be smooth!


  1. I have had some really bad experience with Beyond the Rack. They take much longer to deliver and equally longer to process the return. They almost lost my watch which i returned, had a hard time and wasted much energy in trying to get a refund. Be careful with their purchases!!

  2. Uh oh... that sounds horrible. Well, I'll let you know what happens with mine. If I have a bad experience this time I will for sure stop shopping there, no matter how tempting it may be. Lol.


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