Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Check Out My Decorating Skillz!

I know this is rather silly, but I got this big blue vase a few months ago, and it had been sitting empty in my living room ever since.  I finally put in some effort and checked out decorations at ZGallerie.  I love that place, it's like one of my favorite stores to browse.  They have so much stuff to choose from!  I didn't want to get any fake flowers or anything, and nothing too sparkly or princess-y, so that narrowed my choices down a little.  I finally got down to the Avalon Shell Branch and these amber Chinese lantern:

Avalon Shell Branch

Chinese lantern

I couldn't decide between these two - the Avalon Shell Branch is made of coin sized abalone shells, and the Chinese lantern is made of transparent rigged spheres.  So I thought I'd get both and mix them!  They are not very expensive at all - the Avalon Shell Branch is $29 for 3 branches, and the Chinese lantern is $12 for one - I got two.  I also got it with ZGallerie's facebook discount code I saw on their page, so I got $10 off.  Hehe.  

Well, here's the finished look - they don't look bad together!  The only thing is, I forgot the fact that the opening of my vase is pretty small, so I kind of had to jam them in there, and as a result they don't look as nice and spread out as I would like.  But I think it works.  

This is pretty much as far as my decorating skills go, so I'm proud of myself.  One thing at a time, my place is very slowly coming together! 


  1. I would like to see pictures of the vase with just the Chinese Lanterns, and then with just the Shell Branches. I think just the Shell Branches may look the best, as they would match your clock you have on your end table. However, I can't see the whole room either. Maybe you have both colors in your room. Ideally, I would like to see the Chinese Lanterns in silver and have those in the vase. Now, that would look beautiful!

    Sorry, not trying to be critical. I love decorating!

  2. Yeah... I tried just using the Shell Branches and then didn't know what to do with the Chinese lanterns so I stuck them in there too. LOL! Maybe I should buy another vase for them...


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