Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lululemon Inspire Pullover - Teal Zeal

I went to Lululemon after the gym today and tried on some new stuff (don't worry, I showered), such as the Power Dance tank in lilac (very soft and comfy but too preggy looking for me), Heart tank in plum (cute but I didn't feel like I must have it), and Centered Pose tank in coal (would be cuter without the straps that cross in the back).  So after vetoing them all, I decided to inspect the new Inspire Pullover just for kicks.

To my surprise, they fixed the back pocket issue that ultimately led me to the decision of returning my senorita pink one!  I rubbed my eyes and triple checked - the thick zipper is now completely sewn in on the back so I can wear it against my bare skin and it won't scratch!  I couldn't believe it.  So I tried on both the lilac color and teal zeal.  I liked both of them, but I had to have the teal zeal for 3 reasons:

1) I love this color!  Even though the name implies teal, to me it looks like a true bright green.

2) It's very different from other colors I have already, which happen to be lots of purple and bluish tones so it's good to branch out.

3) Here's the most important reason:  I love love love the fact that the seams going down the front and back of the pullover are not the thick ribbon ones like in the previous batch as well as the lilac version!  On the teal zeal one, they are just good old regular double sided flat seams!  The teal zeal one also doesn't have contrasting color blocking.  It's so much better and less busy looking.  And also very very soft and comfortable.  I'm wearing it right now as I'm typing this and I can't be happier!  After I noticed this important difference, I put on teal zeal and lilac back to back (I tried them on with nothing but a Flow Y bra under), and I definitely felt the thick seams of the lilac. They made the pullover stiffer in the body and not as body-conforming or comfortable.  Don't get me wrong, the lilac is still an improvement from the 1st batch.  I'm just saying that to me the teal zeal was the winner.

Here's a picture of me wearing the old senorita pink one where you can see the thick seams, and some pictures of the teal zeal one!

The back doesn't look nearly as busy as the previous version

Big area of mesh under the armpit!

Sorry, I'll have to remember next time not to take pictures on my balcony as the sun and the flash of the camera combined really bring out the reflectiveness of the fabric. I also think the pullover looks more green in person than the pictures show but what can I do...

Anyway, so now this pullover is pretty much perfect!  I really really like it.  If they re-released this pullover in senorita pink (or any other pretty pinkish color), I would definitely buy another!  I'm so glad whoever in charge of things over there at Lululemon listened to customer feedback and brought out these improvements!

Oh yeah, I also picked up a Cool Racerback in teal zeal since I love the color.  It's even greener than the Inspire Pullover since it doesn't have the static or whatever.

The 3 pack featherweight socks were also on sale for $14.  That's like 4 bucks a pair, pretty good deal, so I bought some.  They are very thin and lightweight.  I like to wear them in the summer or to my spin class.  The prints are fun!

I know this probably doesn't matter at all, but do you wear them with the logo on the inside or outside of the foot?


  1. I bought the teal zeal today too! And was also SOOOOO happy about the seams not being the thick ribbon and the pocket being fixed. (I also have the seniorita pink and like it but really like the improvements to the teal zeal). I wear my featherweight sox logo near the big toe : )

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  3. What I was trying to write:
    I got the lilac one and also have the black from the first batch. I'm loving the lilac, it's exactly what I hoped the first batch would have been and I think I'm going back for the green.

  4. Does the teal zeal look like a pastel in person? I have dark hair and lightish brown skin and can't decide if it'll suit me. I don't look good in pastels.

    I always wear the socks with the logos 'in'!

  5. I didn't purchase the previous version because I didn't like the zipper or the ribbons down the back and the color blocking was so noticeable, but after reading this I am going to purchase the Teal Zeal one tomorrow. Thanks for review.

  6. love, returned my static black because of the zipper
    and I also wear the symbol by my big toe :)

  7. For the inspire pullovers, did you stay TTS or move down?

  8. Hehe thanks everyone for your comments about the socks! I get so confused with which is the "right" or "left", that I switch all the time! So I was just curious if there was a correct way to wear them!

    @Lulumum - Glad to hear you like the lilac one. You won't regret the teal zeal! Perhaps you will find it even better without the thick ribbing. =)

    @Anon 8:13 - I don't think the teal zeal is a pastel color. It's pretty bright, not an Easter egg color. I think it would look great with darker skin, would be very striking!

    @GroovyRunner, I did get my regular size. I believe it is very TTS! A size down would have been too tight for sure.

  9. I loved this thins so much i didnt even care about the seams! I have the lolo purple pullover and i always layer it. I just bought it again in black online--i wonder if that means I'm getting one from the NEW batch! :D it would be cool to have the option to wear this by itself. Thanks for reporting!!!

  10. Teal Zeal looks great! I agree it looks like there's less contrast on it than the pink one. That's great that they fixed the pocket issue.

    Never tried the featherweight socks before.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Dash Pullover when it comes out...

  11. I love the look of the pullover, im just about to order one myself! I was wondering, we look to be about the same size.. what size would yours be? It would help me to figure out a size. I find alot of the lulu run in differnt sizes for the different tops.
    Thanks for the great reviews!

  12. I'm pretty much always a size 4 at Lululemon, and I found this top to be true to size. I love it, and I hope you will too!

  13. You are in really good shape! I need to start doing pilates too i guess!!

  14. Awww thanks! Pilates definitely helps with toning, but I still think good old cardio is best for losing fat... For the longest time my muscles wouldn't show even though I was pretty strong, because I had a layer of fat covering them lol. So now I keep up my cardio as well as weights, pilates and yoga to get those lean muscles!

  15. I bought this pullover in teal zeal last week. I wanted the static black but couldn't find one. Finally on Monday GEC found one for me and I should be getting it on Saturday. The black one will go with everything but I hope I will like the thicker ribbon seams. I just checked on Lululemon's website and they got in more static plum. I think I'm going to have to order it while I have a chance and decide which ones to keep. I don't know if I can justify 3 of the same style pullovers even though they are so comfy. I am leaning more toward the plum & teal zeal because they have the newer seams but I really want a black one too. I plan to wear it casually with jeans and occasionally to the gym. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  16. Well, I think that if you want a black running luon pullover, you will always be able to get one since it's pretty safe to assume all the new styles will come in black. But the colors are always different each season. I looooove the teal zeal color in this pullover. No regrets whatsoever. It's becoming one of my fav! I think you should def get one of the colors to see if the thick ribbon makes a big difference for you. You could always return whichever you don't like as much! I agree, you know Lulu will probably come out with something awesome later on so there's no reason to buy 3 tops of the same style.


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