Monday, July 19, 2010

Lululemon Run:Team Spirit Crop - Black

I got the Lululemon Run:Team Spirit Crop in black today for $50.  Pretty good deal me thinks!

I own these in coal/chirp, and LOVE them!  Actually they are my favorite running crops.  I love everything about them - the fit, the length, the ruching on the thighs, the color, the material, the performance, etc. etc.  They are great for every type of work out!  They hit me much higher than the model pics, at right below my knee.  I've worn them running, boxing, kettlebell, bootcamp, spinning, and just weight lifting and whatnot.  So I've been looking for another pair for a long time.  Most of the color combos of these were price adjusted from $86 to $69 and flew off the shelves.  The solid black ones never did though.  I guess they figured that black is popular since it goes with everything?  I'm not sure, but I was very happy to have found them again and gotten them for the price I did!

I think these fit tighter than my coal/chirp ones through the legs for some reason.  They are the same size - my regular size 4.  But the black ones don't stretch as much or something.  They also look shinier while the coal ones don't look shiny at all.  The waist fits the same though, and the length is the same.  It's weird.  But it's not necessarily a bad thing, because the compression is probably better.  And I can still move and bend my legs freely so whatevs I guess!  I do think the ruching on the sides look cuter in the all black version because they appear to be more obvious. 

Anyways, I love these and I can't wait to wear them!  Love the fact that they are all black and low key too.  I just know that I will get a lot of use out of them!


  1. $50 is a great price for the Lululemon Run:Team crop. We have some of these at Yoga Clothes as well. Various colors, sizes and great prices as usual.


  2. Awesome! I just picked up a pair of these in black with the senorita pink waistband, NWT off of Ebay for $38 including shipping (Thanks to a paypal coupon). They fit well, but I have yet to run or spin in them (too hot for running outside in crops, maybe spinning tomorrow). I have the Run:Spirit Tight and I really like the ruching down the side of those, so I was happy to snag these.

  3. Wow $38 is a GREAT price!! I thought $50 was good. =) Lucky you! I actually saw a pair of black with pink waistband on ebay a few weeks ago but I forgot to put in a bid. Maybe it was the ones you got! I hope you like them! They are awesome.

  4. They released the Scuba Hoodie today, which I'm super pumped about! It's supposedly the Remix: lulu hoodie only longer. Since I'm taller, I can't wait for it to arrive!

    Love reading your blog,


  5. Hi Deb! Thanks for the heads up! I am looking on their site now and the hoodies do look cute! I don't know if I can buy hoodies right now though as it's so hot out still! I don't think I've seen any hoodies at my local stores last time I went, but I've been busy and haven't made it to a lulu store in weeks sadly. If they are there I'd like to see them in person and try them on! Ohhh but there are so many other cute things on the website... uh oh may have to make a purchase!

  6. Haha, it's always so dangerous when they start releasing new stuff.


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