Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FITNESS Magazine Best Cycling Shoe Winner Giveaway!!!

Ok, finally the long awaited April 2011 FITNESS Magazine issue is out so I can write about the shoes I tested!!  As some of you may have read from my prior post, I have been testing spin shoes for Fitness for the last couple years.  Then I get to keep the shoes, and I really really don't need a million pairs of spin shoes!  So last year I gave away all of them to different friends, but this year I figured what's better than giving them away to you loyal readers!  I have 3 pairs to give away, just comment here or email me a little blurb, tell me which pair you are interested in and I will pick winners within 2 weeks! Note: my normal shoe size is 6, but I size up to a 7 in these shoes to allow room for swelling.

So the winning shoe that was picked by all the shoe testers for Fitness were the Specialized Spirita Touring shoes

Here's the review from Fitness:

For bikers or Spinners who want the pedaling boost of clip-in shoes
"Excellent for Spinning," this pair of women's-specific shoes provides "an efficient shoe-to-pedal connection" while you ride. Its stiff, injection-molded plate "holds your foot steady" as you stroke, allowing "better ankle alignment." And when it's time to dismount and towel off, the sturdy rubberized outsole is "great for off-the-bike stability." Plus "the mesh venting in the synthetic upper keeps your feet happy," while the three-strap Velcro closure helps "hug the shoe to your foot." ($90, specialized.com)

If you ever wore Specialized, you would know that they are known for the awesome support of the foot arch during the ride.  These also have their new "Slip Not" sole.  I have them in a size 7, but they do fit a little bit on the smaller side.  Also narrower - they are supposed to hug your feet like a glove.  They are compatible with SPD cleats (I don't have cleats to go with them but you can get them for about $20 at REI or a biking store).  The support of the shoes definitely enhance your performance on the bike and you are able to go faster, longer.  The ones I am giving away are exactly as pictured above in black/berry!  These would be great for indoor or outdoor cycling.

Next, the runner up according to all the shoe testers, is the Shimano SH-WM50.

I have decided to keep these for myself so I won't be giving these away.  But I wanted to write about them anyways.

Fitness review says:

Testers agree: These off-road cycling shoes "look good, feel good, and perform great." The soles are "stiff enough for great power transfer," and rubber treads mean "comfortable walking off the bike." The breathable synthetic leather upper is "not too heavy," and the strap enclosure system "makes it easy to adjust your fit when you're sweaty from Spinning so hard." ($99, bike.shimano.com for stores)

Well, I'd have to agree with the consensus again!  These look very slick, and are light and comfortable.  Though the support is not as good as the Specialized pair, I still find them very good to spin in.  They fit a little bigger than Specialized, which is another reason I've decided to keep these instead as an alternative to my trusted Pearl Izumis.  I don't have a bike and only do spin classes indoors, so I really don't have a need for super supportive shoes.  These are absolutely perfect for indoors, but they also have reflectors on them so you can wear them outside as well.  Same as the Specialized pair, they are very comfortable to walk in after you get off the bike as well.  They are also SPD compatible.

Thirdly, the last shoes I tested were the Keen Arroyo Pedal shoes.  

The cool thing about these shoes is that they are super versatile!  You can wear them as biking shoes (with SPD cleats), as well as hiking or trail walking shoes / sandals.  They are even water-proof!  It's a great idea.  The look is very different from the Specialized and Shimano pairs.  These are definitely for the outdoorsy peeps.  The vents on top are very nice for indoors as well though - they keep your feet super cool which is a plus in spin class.  I think the hybrid shoes idea is great and so convenient, only if I wasn't a gym rat I'd be all over them!  I'm not crazy about the look of them, but it would one of those things where you sacrifice fashion for function.  But as things stand now, I would not have a chance to wear them.  And, they accidentally sent me 2 pairs of these.  So, they are both up for grabs!  One of the pairs have never even been opened / tested.  They are also in size 7, and have a wider fit.  I think my feet are on the narrower side, so they were a little too wide for me as well.  I felt weird wearing them inside, primarily because they looked so out of place at Equinox where everyone wears Sidi, Shimano and Pearl Izumi sleek looking road shoes. Again, cleats do not come with them.

Ok that's it!  Can't wait to hear from you all!


  1. Awesome giveaway! I so wish my feet weren't size 6... :) I never see any bike shoes at my gym except the spin instructor. But I belong to a university gym...so I also don't see a lot of lulu there besides my own. I've been thinking about getting pedal/shoes for my outdoor bike but don't really know where to start.

  2. My normal shoe size is a 6 as well, but sized up in spin shoes to allow swelling. =)

  3. What a great idea to do a giveaway! I love Keen shoes and own a pair of their hiking boots. They are fantastic boots and keep my feet dry and warm all year round. I have a wider foot and just love the fit of Keen's. I wear size 7 and would love the pedal shoes for taking my boys ( age 2 and 3) for rides in their bike trailer. Now that spring is coming and the weather is getting nicer I can't wait to get out on the paths and trails in our city! I love reading your blog and always look forward to new entries. I love Lululemon for my running gear and I wear it as casual wear as well. Nothing beats Lululemon for chassing after toddlers all day! Thanks for keeping us in the know!!!

  4. I, too, wear a size 7 and abosolutely love the look of the Keen Arroyo Pedal shoes! As your reader above, these would be perfect for me to take my six year old son biking, and would be great transition for the times we have to get off our bikes and 'explore'. He learned to ride his bike last year without training wheels, and we go for a bike ride every evening in the summer.

    I would absolutely love to win a pair of these shoes! Not sure if you would be able to ship them to Canada though, but keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. I love the KEEN sneakers! I like that they have the adjustable laces; I have wide feet. The velcro straps always pinch my feet.

  6. I am a huge Specialized fan, and I love the Specialized Spirits Touring shoes.

  7. I just recently got into spinning and love it! Since January, I've lost 10 pounds and have 10 to go! I've seen a couple of the spin regulars wearing spin shoes and I would LOVE the Specialized Spirita Touring shoes. I wear a 6.5-7, how perfect! :) Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. I wear a size 6.5 so these would definitely fit me. I have recently started doing spinning and have seen great results. I actually didn't even know there were special shoes specifically for spin class. The thing I like about it is it made me realized just how half-assed my normal cardio routine was! I was out of breath and sweating after 5 minutes of spin class, where normally I could do 30 minutes on the bike and barely feel winded. I think it's great to switch things up and keep your body guessing and I love that spinning made me realize what a workout rut I was in!

  9. Would these shoes fit a road bike? I don't spin and I just got my very first road bike... Right now I wear sneakers because I'm a little nervous to clip in and then promptly fall over ;o). PS. I'm in SoCal too and I wear a size 6.5!

  10. Aww, rats! I wish I had small feet!!! My SISTER does and I have turned her into a loyal reader of your blog ;)

    I'm glad you posted these reviews, though. I actually TEACH spin and I wear running shoes, haha! I realllly need a pair, and your reviews are suuper helpful. I'm gonna shop for some Pearl Isumis!

  11. Oooh I really want to be entered for the Specialized spin shoes giveaway! These would be perfect for my size 6.5 feet! I love spin--I do it a couple of times a week. Thanks for the giveaway, and LOVE your blog!

  12. Hi! I love your blog. Lisa S. introduced me to your blog, and I look forward to all your new entries!! I love spin class as an alternative to running. I have been meaning to buy my first pair of clip in bike shoes! That is so generous of you to give away some shoes! I like the black and purple shoes in the first picture, but I'll be happy with whatever I get if I win. I live in Arkansas. Thank you!

  13. (Sharon is my sister! She also has a wedding coming up and I bought that Sue Wong dress on Hautelook to wear to her rehearsal dinner, hehe!)

    p.s. we would love to see more posts about wedding planning and dress shopping :)

  14. Ooooh, that's great to know that you are normally a size 6 too!! In that case, I guess I'd be interested in the Specialized Spirita!! Both for my weekly spin class and for outdoor biking, which I will finally get to start up again very soon! Hubs and I are planning to break out the bikes this weekend, and once the weather is nicer we usually do a long ride together about once a week. I would get great use out of them at least twice a week!

  15. @strawb3rries & Sharon - too cute! I totally remember the picture you sent of that Sue Wong dress. I would love to post more about wedding planning too but the truth is I have not done anything! Hahaha... I really need to get on it and get a dress but I have not stepped foot into a store since my last experience. I think I got scared.. LOL! God I hope I will be able to find a dress or it will be a sad day!!!

    @J: All these shoes will take SPD cleats and will fit those pedals. I believe that is what mountain bikes have. Road bikes have Look pedals (the big red ones)...?? I don't know, like I said I don't even own a beach cruiser. Lol.

  16. AWESOME giveaway! I just got into spinning and I wear a 6 or 6.5! PERFECT! I'd love to win any of them as they'd all be an improvement over being the only person in my spinning class wearing just wearing regular gym shoes.

  17. I would totally love a pair of the Specialized Spirita Touring shoes! I started spinning late last year and love it! It's become a new addiction :). I usually go to 3-4 spin classes a week and these would fit perfectly!

  18. A great blog with a great idea! I am a runner and follow your blog bc of our shared love for Lululemon. It's also been inspiring to read about the working out you do! I am looking to get into cycling / spinning this summer....and start training for a mini-triathlon! I am the same size as you...and would love the Keens or Specialized shoes to help me start me training! Keep up the great blog!

  19. OOh what a fun giveaway! and I wear a size 6/7 in shoes!
    I fell off the spin wagon but woud love to get back on (the bike.. literally! haa)

    I love all 3 but really digging Keen Arroyo Pedal shoes!


  20. Great post. I'm sad that I missed the giveaway. I'll book mark and check back for the next one!


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