Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Shrimp Salad Concoction!

I've been on a salad kick for dinners lately.  It's always salad with different veggies, and some kind of protein.  I just made myself the best shrimp salad, and it took all of 5 minutes!

Hmmmm looking at the picture just makes me want more!  But I wolfed it down like a homeless kid.

It was so easy to make.  To cook the shrimp, I just heated some olive oil with chopped garlic thrown in.  Then I threw in the (frozen) shrimp, and sprinkled some parsley and lemon pepper all over them, stirred it up a little longer and that's it! I don't use salt when I cook, because I don't need it when I use herbs and spices that bring out and compliment the natural flavor in foods.  And I don't want to be bloated from all the sodium!

Oh yeah, I also cooked some oyster mushrooms with the shrimp.  Then put them on a bed of spinach.  Also chopped up and thrown in the mix are orange bell pepper, persian cucumbers, and avocado.  I love to use different colors when I cook.  There's a little market near me that sells farmers market veggies and fruits everyday, so I love going there every 2-3 days and picking up fresh veggies!  I used about a tablespoon of Galeo's sesame miso dressing with the salad.  It was perfect!  Tasted great and nutritious at the same time!  I don't really count calories, but I think it has to be around 200 or less.  And really, it could be made with any veggie that happens to be in the fridge at the time.  You just can't go wrong!


  1. That looks and sounds really good! Do you keep a bag of frozen shrimp in your freezer most of the time, or did you buy it specifically so you could make this salad?

  2. I usually keep a bag in my freezer. Along with chicken breasts - I like knowing I have reserves when I don't have the time to go buy fresh stuff. Lol.

  3. You inspired me! I made a Salmon Salad for lunch today: salad greens, orange peppers, a piece of grilled salmon on top, and some strips of nori (definitely the best addition to any asian-style salad) with a japanese soy dressing.

  4. Ohhh sounds yum! I don't think I've heard of nori before, what is it? I had salmon last night for dinner too!

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