Friday, March 19, 2010

Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech SS Lavender

I believe I've written enough good things about the Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech SS shirt.  But I bought another one online yesterday, and it just arrived today.  I had to because it was the new lavender color!!  I just love it so much.

It looks pretty much exactly the same in person.  Very soft and feminine color.  I think I've mentioned before that colors seem to be more tuned down in the silverescent material of the Run:Swiftly Tech shirts.  It goes really well with black or grey bottoms, which are all I have!  And I think the color goes nicely with my skin tone and hair color.  Hehe.

Another new tank that Lululemon uploaded on their website yesterday was the Push Ur Limits tank, which I was very close to buying.  It came in black, lavender, and bubbulicious/coal (pink and grey).  That is the one I would have gotten because of the contrasting colors.  I think it's a very cute tank, but 1. I couldn't justify another tank when I just bought a Cool Racerback last week in the same color, and 2. I wasn't sure about the fit/material of this tank and rather try it on in store first. 

I love the design though.  The front looks pretty much exactly like the Lululemon Swift Tank, but the back is very pretty and unique, and has mesh all the way down to keep you cool (which is also similar to the Swift Tank). 

Anyway, I hope this tank comes out in stores so I can try it on.  I've heard complaints that the luxtreme material that this tank is made of is very unforgiving and shows every single imperfection, and the light and bounciness of the material does not hold boobs in place well.  That is what most people don't like about the Swift tanks.  But I have a Swift tank and I love it.  I don't have any stomach or side pooch or anything, and I'm an 34A or 32B bra size, so I think this tank may work for me.  Still want to try it on to see.  Also hoping it comes out in maybe the new Passion color with black or coal straps, since I already have the bubbulicious Cool Racerback tank, even though they are very different styles.  I just don't want too many tanks in the same color.  Last night when I went to the store for run club I did not see this tank and I'm pretty sure it hasn't hit any stores yet.  So I will wait and see!

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