Friday, December 17, 2010

My Awesome New Hoodie - Diesel "Fluvy" Grey Zip-Up Sweater

I just received my latest order from Ruelala - the Diesel Fluvy Grey Zip-up hoodie and it is so awesome!  I am now obsessed with it.  It's funny though, when I was putting it on, I was automatically expecting thumb holes until I realized it didn't have any.  I guess I really do shop at Lululemon way too much.

I am so glad this hoodie fits.  When I saw it on Ruelala on Sunday, I was kind of late getting on and all the sizes sold out except for XS.  I was just hoping that it wouldn't be too tight or short.  But I'm glad to say that it's a great fit!  It is pretty form fitting though, but the length is still on the longer side and I really really like it.  If they had size S though, I would have bought that just to have a little bit more room to move.  But I'm still 100% happy because the back is so pretty.  I am a sucker for abstract graphic prints.  And I am really digging the big collar on this hoodie.  You can kind of wear it with the collar standing up a little bit and it's really cute that way too.  The hoodie is soft and stretchy, and the zipper has a cute design on it.  I think Diesel always puts cute little engraved details on their zippers, it's nice to have little detail like that that no one can see except for you. 

I got this hoodie for a pretty good deal too - $49 bucks, down from $130 retail.  But I think had I tried it on in store, I probably would be very tempted to pay full price for it!  I do like a lot of Diesel stuff, but sometimes I feel like they are just not worth the price.  Whenever Diesel is on sale on Ruelala or Gilt or something though, I always look and have gotten great stuff before too. 

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