Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Funday 3!

Ok I don't know why I call these posts "Sunday Funday" posts when they have nothing to do with the content... lol... but I guess the name just kind of got stuck from the first post when I thought it would be a one time thing.  Before I start with my workouts and outfits this week, I have to warn you that this is going to be a photo intensive post!  It's funny because it's been cold and rainy all week here, and I kept putting on more layers before leaving the house so I have the whole progression series!  You'll see...

Monday 3/21
What I did:  Kickboxing

What I woreLululemon Wish Blue Cool Racerback, with Fruity Tootie Scoop Neck bra under.  And Bon Bon/ Paradise Astro Crop.  By the way, I love Bon Bon!  I wish this color would come back, along with Fruity Tootie.

And then, I decided to wear my Snorkel Blue Ambition Pullover as my to/from. 

Then, I decided that it was too cold to go out with crops, so I put on my White Dance Studio pants!

I love how snorkel and white look together. 

Oh yeah, I also took my angel blue Jumpstart gym bag to take my boxing gloves and stuff in.  I thought angel blue complimented snorkel very well!  The bag also has white stripes in it, so it was a perfect match.

I love it when my older Lulu colors can go well with newer ones!

Tuesday 3/22
What I did:  Cardio boxing class at the gym - was kind of lame as we didn't get boxing bags.  But I wanted to try it out anyhow.  So we just jumped around and threw air punches the whole time.  Don't think I'm going back any time soon!

What I woreLululemon Power Y Tank in Three Print, and my old school Groove Pants in black / alarming lulutalic/ white/ black (what's up with the name?).  I think Three Print is my most favoritest print EVER from Lululemon!  Oh and I also realized how much softer my old groove pants are than my new ones.  My new ones are much more stiff, and feel thinner and less stretchy.  Sad!  Maybe I have to start buying used groove pants on ebay.  Lol. 

I forgot to take pictures of what I wore as my to/from, so I don't remember what I wore!

Wednesday 3/23:  Rest day.

Thursday 3/24
What I did: I tried out the anti-gravity yoga class at my gym!  It was interesting, and I think I'd have to agree with one of the readers that it wasn't advanced enough as a workout, even for my first try.  Well, that could also be because the instructors were late and it takes like 20 minutes to set up all the hammocks!  So we really only got to do it for 30-40 minutes.  I liked doing lunges and push ups with it - kind of like the TRX.  I also liked the feel of flying around!  We did lots of inversions and swinging, and I can see how it could take a lot of strength to hold and pull your own bodyweight.  It was a fun class!  I don't know if I'd go all the time, but I would definitely go back.  

What I wore:  I didn't know what would be an appropriate outfit for this, so I stayed safe and wore my Lululemon Cool Racerback in Majestic, with a white Flow Y bra under.  I wore my black / generation electric manifesto Wunder Groove crops - I noticed that the stupid generation electric manifesto print is falling off!!!  Ughhhh... it's like the same reflective material as the Lululemon logo, which also tends to fall off on older items.  But my Wunder Grooves aren't that used, and my whole entire waistband print seems to be falling off and it is not looking pretty!  I will have to remember to never buy anything with these reflective sticky things again.

I wore my Senorita Pink Inspire Jacket as to/from to shield from the rain.
I also have to note though, that the hammocks when used under the armpits to hold your weight, really hurts the armpits!  I think next time I'd have to wear a short sleeve shirt so there would be some cushion between the hammock and the skin.

Friday, 3/25:  Rest day.

Saturday 3/26
What I did:  Cardio drill class with different weight stations.  We did treadmill (sprint and hills), ropes, steps, TRX, triceps, squads, shoulders, chest, biceps, etc. etc.  Basically the whole 9 yards! 

Sunday, 3/27
What I did:  A class at the gym called "Beach Body".  It was really just a hardcore cardio/sculpt class with steppers, weights, resistance bands, balls, super long abs session, etc.  This was at Crunch and I saw Bob Harper and the Biggest Loser contestants again!  He wasn't teaching this time, they were just working out and talking.  I think his boyfriend was there too.  He was cute, like Bob!  Too bad they are gay... and I'm getting married.  LOL!

What I woreLululemon Cool Racerback in Raspberry (it's old but very similar to the current violaceous color), with Bright Blue Flow Y bra under, and Denim Wunder Unders.  I wore my Journey Jacket as to/from. 

Only one pic of this outfit - we were rushing out the door and my fiance snapped one of me in the elevator!

And that is it for this week!

By the way, I will be drawing the winners for my Spin Shoes Giveaway tomorrow!!!  Stay tuned!


  1. Love all your lululemon outfits. The ambition pullover loves so so pretty on you, both the color and the fit. I should have got one too...


  2. You ever been to Yoga House in Pasadena? I go all the time. I suspect you'd love Tracy's class if you get the chance to make it out here.

  3. Antigravity totally depends on what kind of instructor you have! The inversions are my fav :o)
    Love all the lulu outfits, i bought 2 pairs of DSPs in 2 days, i have a new addiction :o)

  4. ah i love all your outfits! Sunday Funday is the best!
    And now I have officially decided i Neeeeeed the white DSP if they come out again this summer!

  5. Thanks guys! I do dearly love the DSP... and crops... I now have 2 of each. Yay! Travelbug - 2 pairs in 2 days definitely sounds dangerous. Hehe. Inversions are fun and different at anti-gravity yoga. But scary sometimes! Like when they tell you to let go of your hands and you are like what?! Hahaha

    @J: I don't really go out to Pasadena very often and haven't heard of Yoga House. But thanks for the tip - I'll remember that if I end up doing yoga there for some reason!

  6. I agree - Snorkel blue and white look great together!

  7. Love the outfits! Absolutely love the white DSPs with the snorkle blue ambition and the angle blue jumpstart was the perfect finishing touch. I think I need another pair of DSPs now...and just one in wren is not enough!

  8. You should do a photo of ALL of your lulu clothes! That would be a sight since it sounds like you have a good size collection ;)

    I've done antigravity yoga at crunch and they always make us wear sleeved shirts. they don't allow tanks (they make you borrow one of theirs).

  9. Oops sorry I should have mentioned that for anything in aerial silks (hammock) you probably want long tight fitting pants and close fitting shirt that will cover your arm pits. The silks can really burn your skin in certain moves.

  10. @Anon: that's weird... I did it at crunch too and they didn't say anything about shirts with sleeves. In fact every girl in the class was wearing a tank top. Maybe diff locations do it differently. I wish they had done it though!

    @Erin: yes definitely! It really hurt in positions where it was holding my body weight. Lesson learned though! I was thinking that I may have to get armpit caluses to not feel the burn. Lol.

  11. I love the white and snorkel together too, it looks so nice!

    I just bought my first pair of DSPs and I think I should have sized down, mine don't fit nearly as nice as yours do! Did you hem yours? I like the way yours fall, I'm just not sure whether to hem and probably lose the drawstring or not!

  12. Love love love the White DSP outfit-- also wanted to know if you bought your same size as darker colors or sized up -- I am always hesitant with white because I don't like them to be too tight!! Must have them though!!

    I think it is awesome that you gave away the spin shoes, too -- what a sweet and wonderful thing to do -- i am sure you made the winners' day!!

  13. You are ROCKING the DSP! Now I want some! Do you ever wear these for street wear?

  14. @Anon: I did size down in DSP from my regular pant size at Lululemon. I did not hem mine - I saw a girl with hers hemmed and did not like the way it looked. It's a few inches too long for me, but I just tie the cord and tuck it under, it works well. So I say keep the cord! Unless you are really short and it will drag too much...

    @momof5: Thanks! I bought both pairs of the DSP in the same size. The white ones are lined, and the coal are unlined. I found that the unlined version size 2 and 4 fit the same, but the size 4 in the lined version really bulked me up. So I would definitely say size down for the lined version. White does get dirty easily... I always see some dirt on the bottom after wearing them but I still love them so I deal with it! Hehe.

    @Fisherman's Wife: I actually only wear them for street wear, or to and from the gym. But I never wear them to actually work out in. They are the perfect pants to just throw on for quick errands. Very comfy and cute!


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