Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sue Wong Color Block Vneck Short Dress

I bought another Sue Wong dress... uh oh... I hope this doesn't turn into another addiction!  This time, I got it from ideeli and I think I overpaid because a week later I saw the same dress on Hautelook
for like $40 cheaper.  Since I have bought many things from sites like these, I must say that in my experience, Hautelook always has the cheapest prices for the same brand/merchandise that appear on other sites.  But they also tend to have cheaper brands in general - very little "high end" brands.  I find Gilt to be the most expensive for the most part and has the best brands.  Ruelala and ideeli are about the same in the middle somewhere.  Oh well!  You win some and you lose some I suppose.  Though the dress is very pretty and flattering!  So I'm still happy about that. 

This dress is from Sue Wong's Walt Disney Collection.  She was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, all the flowers, the ethereal look, and the white queen!

Front Detail

Back Detail

Bottom Detail

I loooove it!  I think the flower details are so pretty.  And it's great that they are on the shoulders, the waistband, and the bottom band.  I got it in a size 6, same as my other Sue Wong dress, it is a little loose on the top.  But I think a size 4 would have been a little too tight.  So I'm really like a size 5 with Sue Wong dresses.  I really like how this dress fits around the waist though.  It's perfect, and gives you a very slim waisted look.  It also has lightly padded bra cups built in which I love, especially since you can't really wear a bra with the open back of this dress.  I think Sue Wong is on Ruelala tomorrow or Thursday... might have to check it out.

I think this is due to shipping, but the dress doesn't drape as well on the bottom as the picture shows.  There are wrinkles on the silk, so it just kind of sits on top of the bottom band of flowers all flat, not bubbly like it's supposed to be.  I guess I have to try to iron out the wrinkles and see if it flows better.  Because right now it's covering about half way of the pretty flowers on the band!  I wish they had shipped it in a hard box instead of a soft bag!  I really need to find more occasions to wear this dress to.  My fiance said it could be a summer day dress but I think it's too dressy looking for that.  But maybe it could work as just a nice dinner dress.


  1. This dress is gorgeous! It would be perfect to wear out for a nice dinner. Stunning!

  2. Hey, I wasn't sure if you get emails for couturecandy -- but they have your wedding dress from Sue Wong -- and they have a 20% off code for her collection code: WONG

    it would only be 570 -- what a steal!


  3. Thanks momof5! That is a great deal!! I just tried buying it (without actually checking out), and I get to save $100 from my Bloomingdale's order, cuz I still have to pay tax. However, I did notice that it is a slightly different dress! This one doesn't have the sweetheart neckline like the one from Bloomingdale's. Hmmmm... it's free shipping and returnable within 21 days... that means I probably won't be able to get my Tadashi Shoji dress to compare before the return period is up. Decisions decisions!


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