Monday, November 29, 2010

Lululemon Hot Class Tank

I know this is a rather old item, but I've been kicking myself for not buying the Lululemon Hot Class Tank while it was in stores (I even tried it on at the store, what was I thinking?), so I've been stalking eBay for a long time.  They are not on eBay all that often, and when they have been, I've missed out on those auctions because I always "watch" the stuff I want and wait till the last minute.  Sometimes I forget to bid.  So finally I got the lagoon one this time!

This color wouldn't have been my first choice, but whatevs.  I just love this top!  The luon sheer jersey body is super soft and lightweight.  And I love that the bra is made of power luxtreme so it's more supportive.  There's also ties on each side to cinch and adjust the length of the top.  I like this style much better than the newer hot yoga tops Lululemon has come out with recently.  This one doesn't make me look prego.

Now if I see any of these colors in a size 4 on eBay, I just might have to jump on them as well!  I like to stock up on things I love.  Really can't have too much of a good thing.

Coal / Faded Zap

Senorita Pink/Black
Bold Blue


  1. Loving that tank! I'm a new lulu addict so i haven't seen that one before...

    OKAY! So I got my green dragon shirt yesterday and i LOVE it, but the color is TOTALLY not what I expected at all.... I totally thought it was gonna be pink and it turned out to be a grayish purpleish color.

    Here is a side by side comparison of what it looked like online and how it looks on me:

    Green Dragon Cowl neck

    crazy, right?! I love it anways, though. Super comfy.

  2. OMG it looks soooo cute on you!!! But I'm sure anything would since you have a great body! Now I'm super jealous that I didn't get one!!! It's a really cute shirt. You are right, I totally thought it would be a pale pink too, but it looks gray/purple on your picture. It's really cute still though. I'm glad you love it! I am in love with everything from Green Dragon too. Not sure what it is they use but the material is soooo soft! I hope they go back on Hautelook soon!


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