Friday, March 25, 2011

Lululemon Studio Crop - Black

I'm so glad the black Studio Crops were uploaded yesterday on Lululemon's website.  I wanted to get them a few weeks ago when they arrived in the stores but I have not been to a Lulu store in like... a month?!?  I don't know, but it's one of the longest times I've been able to stay away.  Hehe.  I don't feel the undying desire to go grab the latest stuff anymore I guess.  Maybe it's a good thing and I can save some money!

But I did want to get the black Studio Crops because I love my wren ones, and I figured I would get lots of use out of the black one.  They will be great for street wear now that it's getting warmer.  I also want to start taking hip hop dance classes at the gym, and I think these would be good for that!  Out of everything in my wardrobe, these are as "hip hop" as it gets (when I tie up the cinchable cord)!

I got the black ones in a size 4 as well, which is the same size as the wren ones but a size up from the long Dance Studio pants that I own.  I find that they fit looser than my wren ones in the same size.  Maybe half a size bigger.  So that makes them feel about a size bigger than my long pants.  It's all good though, I actually like them to fit like this in crops.  Also, I never really inspected the black Dance Studio pants in person before, but black with the subtle pin stripes make them look like charcoal.  I really like it.

I thought I was going to get like 5 pairs of these Studio Crops in different colors, but I think I'm done now.  Well, unless an amazing color comes out that I can't resist!  But I think 2 is plenty for me.  I also started thinking that $89 is really quite pricey for these pants, especially since they will primarily be for street wear.  They really should be like $50 at the most.  My main reasons for buying Lululemon is for the technical properties.  So I won't be tempted to get another pair that easily.

I was a little tempted to get the Swiftly LS in Clarity Gray / Lilac Snow or Classic Gray / Black though.  They are both so pretty!  But I restrained myself because I already have the short sleeve version of Clarity Gray / Lilac Snow.  And long sleeve swiftlys don't work well for the weather here in my opinion - it's either too cold for such a thin shirt (I'm also a baby), or too hot for a long sleeve shirt, period.  There's only a few days a year where it's appropriate for the long sleeve swiftly for me, so I don't need to have a bunch of them.  I'll just admire them from here.


  1. do you ever wear the LS when it's super sunny & you don't want to wear sunscreen? or is it too hot to wear? i was planning on getting it for that reason.

  2. I'm in DC, so I snatched up the Swiftly LS in Clarity Gray / Lilac Snow. I'll be able to wear it on outside runs until at least the middle of May, and I LOVE the fact that the long sleeve version has more pink! I'm such a girl :P I ended up returning my DSC in size 4. I have problems with these and the DSP because I guess I'm really a Lululemon 3. The 2s are too tight for my tastes, and the 4 is too loose. Do these stretch out any when you wear them? They are so cute! :(

  3. @Anon: When it's really hot I usually opt for short sleeves - it gets really really hot here in the summer and I can't stand to have anything other than a tank top on. But if it's in the 70s, and you are not doing anything physically strenuous then the LS shouldn't be too hot since the material is so light.

    @Erin the Duck: I know, I love the lilac snow part too. If a solid lilac snow long sleeve comes out, I won't be able to resist it! I don't think swift material stretches out though. That's interesting... I don't find much difference between size 2 and 4 in the pants version. But I haven't tried on a 2 in the crops.

  4. It's the story of my life... too bootylicious, not not quite bootylicious enough :P

    I just picked up the swiftly LS in very violet. It's gorgeous! Just a little more purple and subdued than violaceous!

  5. OT - Im sure you've checked huatelook out already and know theres a wedding selling but just in case you didnt i thought i would mention it.

  6. I've been feeling that way with Lulu lately's been good for our house-down-payment-fund. The last thing I bought was the Ambition pullover in January. Before that, it was the Alpine Pullover & Dash Crop in November. I'm quite proud of myself.

    I have one swiftly tech l/s in dark classic grey. I felt like you did about thin Long sleeve tops too...but this past winter I have worn it under a fleece for running on REALLY cold days (20-30F); I wore it as a baselayer when skiing; in the 30-40 range, I wear it with a vest. In the 40-50 range I wear it with shorts- it does a surprisingly nice job of wicking, it still feels light, and my arms get a little protection from the wind. You probably don't get a whole lot of sub 50 temps in Southern CA though?

    I got the sunblocker l/s last year to wear in lieu of sunscreen, but found I wanted to die when I wore a long sleeve top in the 60s-70s, so I sold it.

  7. @Anon: Thanks for the heads up! I checked this morning but didn't see anything I liked... booo... I was excited about it too.

    @RunningOnCoffee: Wow, you are good! I know, if I stopped by Lulu habit I would be so much richer. But I'm sure I'd just find something else to spend it on lol. That's a good idea to wear the LS swiftly with a vest over. I'm sure that could work on colder days here too but I don't own a running vest right now. Besides, I'd be wearing a long sleeve running luon pullover in the 60s. I'd probably wear the LS Swiftly in the upper 60s to lower 70s. If it's between 40-50 which it gets very very rarely here, almost never - I would just stay home under a blanket with heat blasted. LOL!

    I do also love long sleeve running shirts under a jacket for snowboarding. I basically like to wear all Lululemon under my snowboarding attire - bra, tank, long sleeve pullover, with snowboarding jacket over. And wunder unders under snowboarding pants. Works really well!


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