Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Funday Part 2

Hehe.  I've been studying all weekend, and am now finally taking a break before going to bed - Btw Spring day light savings sucks!  I hate having to get up an hour earlier than usual.  So I've been keeping track of my workouts this past week since the last post, and actually remembered to take a few more pictures!  So without further ado, here we go!

Monday, 3/7
What I did:  Interval and hills run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of mat pilates!

What I woreLululemon No Limit Tank in white, and Empower Crop in coal / heathered coal wee stripe / passion.

Sorry forgot to take pictures!  But the heathered coal wee stripe kind of match the gray pique in the tank.  =)

Tuesday, 3/8:  Rest day.

Wednesday, 3/9:
What I did:  Circuit workout with 6 rounds - 4 different training stations at each round.  Sprint on the treadmill in between.  This type of workout is one of my favorites.  The time goes by super fast when you are constantly switching stations every minute or so.  You are working your ass off, you get in so many different types of exercises/ muscle groups, and it's fun!

What I woreLululemon Inner Strength tank in white / teeny stripe, Run: Team Spirit Crop in Coal / Chrip.
Matching Stride Jacket in White / Athletica Gray Teeny Stripe as a to and from!

Here are the stock pictures:

Thursday, 3/10:
What I did:  Barre class.

What I woreLululemon Dance Strap tank and coal Groove pants - I just realized I wore coal bottoms 3 days in a row!  And I wore my aruba Method Sock for the first time!  They were great in class, I did not slip at all.  And they are definitely the cutest out of everyone in class!  Hehe.

Sorry I had to rush there and no time for pics.

As a to and from, I wore my Abercrombie Josey sweater.

Wore this one inside out with the all Coal side

Friday, 3/11:
What I did:  Kickboxing

What I woreLululemon Tri Y tank (so wish this one would make a come back), Wunder Groove Crop
I wore my Journey Jacket as my to and from - one of my favorites!

I remembered to take a picture this time!

I can't remember the name of the pink - it's not senorita, but close to it

This pic is from a long time ago when I first bought the jacket.

Saturday 3/12:
What I did:  Six 1-minute interval sprints, followed by 15 minutes of weights, followed by 15 minutes of hills sprints, and end with 15 minutes of weights and stretch.

I loved this new shirt!  It's so pretty and I love the new silverescent material!  It did not ride up like my older ones tend to, did not show sweat, and dried super fast!  It was perfect.  But be warned, it is somewhat see-through in this light color, and will show everything.  You can even see the waistband of my pants under in this photo below.

I wore my Flashback Jacket as a to and from.

Before I ripped off the tag

Ok that's it!  I'm still sore from my boxing class!  It had been a while since I last did it, but I got a really good deal on Groupon at a studio so I got back into it.  I think today and tomorrow will be rest days!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and goodnight!


  1. Love the workotus and all the outfits. I wish they still had the white teeny stripe stride jacket, that is so cute, I want one. I agree with you daylight savings sucks. I tried to go to bed early but that didn't work, I couldn't sleep. I had to miss my 7:30 spin class because I just couldn't get there in time. I did get to the gym at 8:00 but I really needed that extra time. Hubby is taking a cat nap now because he's so tired. I think it takes most people a few days to adjust to the time change.

  2. your outfits are so cute! i think you should continue this as a weekly post and show us how you mix/match your lulu gear.

  3. I think the pink tank must be tootie fruity

  4. I love these weekly outfit/workout posts, keep them coming! I just tried kickboxing today for the first time and man it was hard, but really fun! Coincidentally, I also wore a Tri-Y Tank (in India Ink) and black Wunder Groove Crops :). I totally agree that they should bring back the Tri-Y tank... it's SO much better than the Power Y in terms of support, and I love the mesh and ipod pocket at the back!

  5. @Anon: It's definitely not fruity tootie - It's closer to senorita pink, maybe Kiss? But it's definitely in the hot pink family, not coral.

    @Livi: That's cool that you did kickboxing in the same outfit as me! Hehe. I know, I love the Tri Y much better than Power Y - the thicker straps do make a huge difference. I have like 5 Tri Y tanks and refuse to sell any!

  6. Love the weekly outfit posts. Keep them coming.
    I am thinking of getting a stride jacket. Do you size down?

  7. Thanks Betty! And yep I do size down in the Stride jacket.


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