Saturday, February 26, 2011

Juicy Couture Yoga Tank (And a Special Weather Report!)

I ordered a Juicy Couture yoga tank on Hautelook a couple weeks ago out of curiosity.  I didn't even know Juicy made workout clothes.  It looked cute though, and was only $19 down from $48.  So I thought I'd cheat on Lululemon and give it a shot.  It arrived yesterday and I tried it out today during a circuit class.  Must say I am pretty happy with it.

By the way, I wonder what bottoms the model is wearing.  They sure look like Lululemon Empower Crop to me. 

So back to the tank - I love the color - it's very very similar to Lululemon's senorita pink.  I am so glad Juicy decided not to plaster their logo on it like how they usually whore out their stuff.  That whole Juicy Couture / Ed Hardy look is not just obnoxious but so 2005.  Lol.  I love the feel of the material.  It's mostly made of nylon, with some spandex.  It is very thin and buttery smooth.  It's kind of like Lululemon's luxtreme, but half as thick.  So it means this tank won't hide any flaws.  I got it in a size S, which fits well.  It's as long as my Cool Racerbacks.  It also has doubled sided stitching on the seams, but a strand of thread is already coming undone so the construction appears to be subpar.

I found it to be very good at wicking, felt comfortable on, and did not move around or slip up as I moved.  It also hides sweat really well - I had a hard workout, but you could barely tell by looking at the tank!  There is an inner shelf bra with a wide bottom band which is nice, however the top portion of the bra is very flimsy and thin, not at all like the built in bras of the Lululemon tanks.  The well-constructed built in bra and option to put cup inserts in was the reason I started wearing Lululemon years ago, so that is still my #1 priority.  Though it seems they have stopped sending out the bra inserts - I called nearly 3 weeks ago asking for some because I didn't get any for the last 3 tanks I bought.  They said they'd send some and I never received anything! I don't understand why I have to beg for inserts when the cost of the tank should more than cover them, they should be including them with every tank purchase in the first place, unless you opt out!  But I digress.............. so I wore my bright blue Flow Y bra underneath the Juicy tank today and it turned out to be a very cute look!  The front of the bra and tank are identical, so you see the top of the bra for a pop of color, as well as the double straps.  It almost looks like it's meant to be that way.  The back of the Flow Y bra also somewhat matches the tank, except for the portion where the two straps join on the back of the bra.  I normally hate layering bra and tank that don't match, but this wasn't bad at all. 

So overall I'm pretty happy with this purchase, especially for $19.  I think it would be a really great tank to wear for spin class, because of how light weight it is.  It also would be great for yoga!  Since both of those activities are rather low impact, I probably wouldn't even need to layer a Flow Y bra under.  So I'll be keeping this one on my rotation.  I'm always happy to find up and coming workout brands because Lululemon has been gaining popularity here fast in the past couple years, and my tanks aren't as special anymore.  But it is still my fav as far as function and technicality goes! 

Ok now, let's talk about how cold it's been here in SoCal!  We've been getting a lot of rain this year, which is good because we were in a drought the past few years.  But the temperature has been unusually low too.  I know it's nothing compared to all you east coasters, but high of mid 40s is really really cold for us!  I can actually see the snow capped mountains from here!  I don't ever remember seeing that for as long as I've lived in LA.  This is a picture I took last week on the drive home from the gym:

Hmm maybe this zoomed in version is easier to see:

Ok so that was last week, and then today on my way home from the gym, it started hailing!  That NEVER happens here!!  This is a pic through the moon roof of the car:

Those are bigger than pea size giant ice balls!  So cool!

And this is what it looks like through the front window:

You can kind of see the homeless mother and son duo holding a sign at the highway exit during the hail, I felt so bad for them but did not have any cash on me.  =(  The high unemployment rate here is so sad.

The news stations kept showing shots of people caught outside during the hail, it was really funny.  And kind of mean as I imagined them sitting in their news van filming these people instead of giving them a ride... hahaha.

Tonight's supposed to be one of the coldest nights of the year, so I'm ready to be all bundled up and have a wine and movie night!  I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


  1. I live in the Bay area and it's been really cold here too. The funny thing is we are leaving Tuesday to head down there for Disneyland for 3 days. We got an annual pass in Sept and have been like 4 times so far. Everytime we go it either rains or is super cold. Then the following week we watch the news and LA/Anaheim will have 80 degree weather. We miss it every time. At least next week it won't be raining but I will be completely layered in my warmest Lululemon. That Juicy tank is super cute, what a great price.

  2. Awww... yeah next week looks cold! But yes no rain. Maybe the park won't be as crowded! I've only been there in the summer time when it's super hot, and waited 2+ hours to get on a ride. Lululemon would be a great Disneyland outfit! Groove pants and a running pullover or Define jacket would be perfect for this coming week. Have fun!

  3. wine and movie night here tonight too! That Juicy tank is really cute. Also jealous of your mountain views! I think it's pretty cool when there is hail just because it's not so common! We've had it a couple times when there are huge temperature swings - not always as big as peas though!

  4. Awww, poor Calis - in the mid 40s - oh the horror (tee-hee). I live in the midwest. I just don't want to hear it because we get REAL winter here and it lasts for friggin EVER. Mid 40s sounds pretty good to me.

  5. Mid 40's is cold for your neck of the woods, MSE, especially when you aren't used to it!
    The tank is gorgeous! I love the way the straps cross in the back, too. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I could make a cold post about living in Canada... but I'll leave that out. I wish we could have rain and hail right now ;p Only another month or so and hopefully that will be the case.

    I'll trade you 40s weather for the -30 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) degree weather we had on Friday with windchill it felt like -45 Celsius (-49 Fahrenheit). Brrrr even for us Canadians :(

  7. Hey... I love your blog! Off topic - but any chance you can provide an update on the spin shoes you tested awhile back?

  8. Hi Anon: I definitely will as soon as the April issue comes out! I'm not allowed to talk about it before the actual issue, so not too much longer!

    @Everyone who lives in cold climate: I don't know how you guys do it! I would be crank the heat and refuse to leave the house! Hehe.

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