Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Funday!

I'm still sick!  Ugh.  Well, it's probably my own fault.  I did get better earlier in the week, and then I decided to put in a few hard workouts.  A couple days later, I am back where I started lol.  Arggghhh!  I always do this like an idiot, and I never learn.  Sigh.  Well, I have been feeling better this weekend but I forced myself to stay away from the gym.  I'm determined to not go back until I am at least 98% better.  Hahaha.  Being sick is just too annoying.

In other news, I am done with my Invisalign treatment!  I finished this week.  I'm super happy with my result.  I never thought subtle shifting of certain teeth positioning would produce such a positive overall result.  The change happens so gradual that it is hard to notice while you are at it.  So even though it was a PIA sometimes (not to mention $$$$), I am happy I did it.  It also seems to have gone by really fast!  My treatment plan was 22 liners total, and I got AcceleDent about 1/3 of the way through the treatment period so I went from wearing each liner 2 weeks to 1 week after that.  I started this process in late September, so it lasted 7 months total.  Apparently I don't need any more refinements, so that was not bad at all!  I am now just waiting to get my retainers to wear at night.  But otherwise, I'm free of those damn liner things and I got the attachments removed from my teeth finally!  What a relief!  Here's my before and after if you are interested... it looks like an even bigger difference now that I'm looking at the photos side by side!  But the shifts are only within a few millimeters... crazy how big of a difference it makes right?

Anyway, sorry to gross you out with close shots of my teeth lol.  But I guess it's proof that Invisalign does work!  I think I did a pretty good job wearing them as much as I could.  I definitely didn't get to the recommended 22 hours a day.  But I probably wore them for 20 hours a day on average.

Ok, now onto the outfits for this week.  I worked out 3 times before I fell sick again lol.  So sad!!  I was looking forward to finishing up Month 16 of my Get Glutes program.

Monday 4/25
What I did:  Started from where I left off last week, with strength #4, followed by 30 minutes of HIIT work on the treadmill.

What I wore:  You already saw this outfit in the last post, but here it is!
Top:  Lululemon All Tied Up Tank Scoop in heathered grey
Bra:  Lululemon Free To Be Wild in star crushed silver fox
Bottom:  Splits59 Nova Trailblazer in navy

To and From:  Lululemon Turn Around LS

Tuesday 4/26
What I did:  Strength #1, followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill.

What I wore:
Top:  Lorna Jane Sunset Tank
Bottom:  Lululemon Inspire Crop in deep zinfandel
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in venom purple

Wednesday 4/27 - Rest

Thursday 4/28
What I did:  Strength #2.

What I wore: 
Bottom:  Lululemon High Times Pant in diamond jacquard jewelled magenta

To and From:  Splits59 Venus Jacket

And here's my work outfit from the same day:
Bottom:  DVF Emma Skirt

Friday 4/29 - So pretty much right after my workout on Thursday, I started feeling horribly again.  Friday was probably the worst.  I kept taking DayQuil and it made me so drowsy for some reason.  I could barely keep my eyes open at work!  But I had to go to work for a couple important meetings, here's my work outfit (casual Friday):
Top: Aiko

I rested this weekend from the gym, and went out to grab some food today.  I wore a pretty similar outfit today to my Friday outfit.  In fact, I wore the same pants lol.
Jacket:  Vince Leather Scuba Jacket in grenadine
Top:  Aiko Trudie

Alright, that's it for the week!  I'm really hoping to kick this cold in the ass and get back to the gym pronto.  Have a good weekend everyone!

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