Saturday, May 7, 2016

Two More Pairs of Jeans from Black Orchid!

So it's no secret that I have been loooving my Black Orchid jeans!  I have 5 pairs up until now (bought my first pair in August last year!), and I just bought 2 more when they were on Hautelook a couple weeks ago.  I now have casual Fridays at work, so I have legit reasons to buy more jeans... LOL!  They are just the most comfortable jean brand I've tried, and I've gotten most of them for under $50 while they were on sale.  The 2 pairs I bought this time are both dark charcoal/black wash.  I've found that dark jeans work really well for me.

The first pair I got are the Payton Moto Skinny, in "equinox".  They are on sale from Black Orchid's site now for $70, down from $176.  It's a very very dark charcoal, pretty much black.  I love the moto style!  Been looking for a pair like this for a long time now.  I got them in size 27 which is the same size as all my other Black Orchid jeans.  This style or wash is not as stretchy as some of my other ones, but still true to size.

So it's kind of hard to see, but there are stitch details on the knees:

There are also 2 faux zipper pockets:

Same as all their jeans, the back is very minimalistic, with only the Black Orchid logo on top right corner of the right pocket.  Obviously I hadn't removed the big label yet:

The next pair I got are another pair of Jude Mid Rise Super Skinny jean, which is a style I already own.  I've been looking for a pair of gray jeans forever though, and last time I got a pair of their Noah jeans I thought was gray but turned out to be olive lol.  So this time the color I got is called "Dark Shadow" which sounded promising as a true grey.  And they didn't disappoint!  They seem to be sold out online, but here's a very similar wash on sale at Bloomingdale's called "obsidien".  And here's the shorter cropped version also on sale.

I got these in size 27 as well, and they are way more stretchy than the Peyton style above.  These are similar to what my other Black Orchid jeans feel like.  Due to the stretchiness, I feel size 26 would probably work too.  But I thought why mess with a good thing when I know 27 fits fine, and stuck with it!  I do have to wear a belt with them though.

I was wearing these all day today at work and they are awesome!  I'm also happy with the fact that these are actually grey!  

Yay for new jeans!

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