Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Shoes and Belt =)

I feel like I've been collecting shoes lately!  I've bought like 7 pairs in the past couple months lol.  But hey... it was time to rotate out some of my existing shoes anyway.  And they were all either on sale, or from sites like Tradesy/Poshmark/eBay.  If you are patient and spend some time looking on these sites, you could find either brand new or barely used high end shoes for a lot less than retail.  It happens quite often that people would buy expensive shoes and then let them sit in their closet for years without ever wearing them, and then decide to purge.  Although it would still set you back a few hundred bucks if you are buying high end brands.  I do have to admit that I splurged on some more Louboutins.  I know I said no more, but I'm weak lol.  I actually got 2 pairs, but one of them is at the shoe shop right now getting the grippy sole installed.  So I only have pictures of one pair.

I actually already posted some outfits with these shoes on last week.  But here they are up close!  They are the "Lady Peep Sling" style, in patent specchio red, size 36 as usual.  I've been wanting to get some red shoes for a while but couldn't commit.  When I saw these, I knew the shade of red was perfect!  I also love the combination of the red patent with gold platform and this cool digital print on the heels.  They are 150mm which is super high, but since they have a big platform, they are actually not uncomfortable.  Just have to be careful not to twist an ankle LOL!

Sadly, the print on the heel is super fragile!  It's like an uber thin piece of paper wrapped around the heel.  Some of it got scratched off towards the bottom of the right heel, after just wearing them a couple times.  It's not all that obvious, but I have to be suuuuuper careful in the future.  How sad.

The next pair of shoes I got is this Casadei black lace peep toe pump.  Despite the lacey look, the material is actually not fragile at all.  I love the look of these shoes.  But they have a pretty high heel, and a smaller platform than the above Louboutin shoes.  So they are actually not very comfy.  They are more like the type of shoes you wear to dinner and then sit all night.  =)

And then I got another pair of Casadei shoes simply because they were such a good deal and they are different looking!  They are purple suede!  They are called Pellame Camoscio or something.  I'm still working on an outfit to pair with them though lol.  But I have faith it will happen.  They are VERY comfortable!  Like way more comfortable than you would ever imagine, being so high.  I think the platform probably makes them comparable to a 3 inch heel.

It's a cool design to have the purple python cover the entire back of the sole.

Ok, the 4th pair I got lately is the Vince Camuto Faran Cork Platform in rosewood patent.  I am super in love with these shoes.  I got them because they reminded me of my favorite Sam Edelman Mallory pumps.  The slingback is kind of tearing a little on those so I've been afraid that I'd be left without my favorite nude patent platforms!  Even though these Vince Camuto shoes are not exactly nude, I could use a pair of shoes in this pretty rosewood color.  It's different, but goes with everything just like nude.  I can't tell you how comfortable these are.  I got them in my regular size 6.

Ok, last item I got recently is the Burberry Check Belt in black.  I already have the tan one which I use allllll the time.... until I got the black one!  I've been using the black one almost everyday since I got it.  It's just the perfect belt.  It's an inch wide and it's made very well and I can tell it will last a long time.  I love the subtle embossed check print too.  The tan one I have is size 80 (UK), but the black one was only available in size 85.  So it's a bit long.  But it still works.  So pretty!

Ok, I think I'm all set with shoes and belts for a while.  Time to stop shopping now!  

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