Friday, April 15, 2016

Vince Mixed Media Embroidered Long Sleeve Button Up

I got another Vince top!  It is the Mixed Media Embroidered Long Sleeve Button Up and it's currently on sale from $345 to $138.

I think I've already said plenty about how much I love Vince in the past.  This blouse is 100% silk with faux leather trim.  I wish they had used real leather like they did on my cap sleeve v-neck top which is a very soft lamb skin leather.  But I guess that would make it even more expensive.  I really like this top though.  It's got super cute detailing in person.  

I debated between getting size 2 and 4, but then size 2 was sold out so my decision was made for me and I got the 4!  It definitely fits loose, but I think it's a good fit.  I wouldn't want the chest to be too tight to button up.

Oh yeah, this blouse is made really long, as you can already tell on the model.  So I knew it was going to be a dress on me lol.  This is how it looks:

Obviously, it is way too long to wear like this.  But I always tuck my blouses into skirts/pants for work anyways so I will just have more material to tuck lol.  I do wish it was normal length so I can have the option of wearing it untucked casually with jeans or something.  But oh well.  It does look cute on the model, tucked into wide leg pants.

I still really like this top.  I just love the black piping and contrast look.

The cuff is very very wide.  There's only one button towards the top of the cuff, so the bottom flows open.  I like this look.

I feel like I already have multiple blouses that look similar to this one, such as my Ann Taylor blouse, Banana Republic contrast tie blouse, and another Vince blouse from their sample sale.  But honestly I wear them all to work on a regular basis, that I could have a few!  The white/ivory color family is great since they go with everything, and even better now that summer is right around the corner again!

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  1. on the model, the front of the blouse is much longer than the sleeve. but on you, the sleeves look longer than the front. weird!


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