Saturday, November 1, 2014

Heidi Klum for New Balance 420 Sneakers

I don't normally buy sneakers for casual wear, because well... I almost never wear flats when I'm not at the gym lol.  I just love my heels!  But when I saw these cool Heidi Klum for New Balance 420 sneakers, I just had to get them!  I can never resist cool snake prints for some reason.  These come in 3 colors and I actually wouldn't mind all 3.  But I went with the multi-colored black ones because I think they look the coolest.  I got them from this website called, because they are on sale for $86 (from regular price of $99) and the site offers additional 20% off.  I had never heard of this site before, but they shipped pretty fast.

These are the black ones I got:

The bottom of the sole says "The Burn is Beautiful".  Kind of cheesy and stupid, I'm glad no one will see it... lol!  I'm probably in the minority, but I find cheesy/motivational sayings too much to handle.  Makes me want to roll my eyes.

The other two colors they come in are Combat Green and Oxblood.  I think they both look very cool too!  If I were sneakers a lot, I'd seriously pick up all 3 pairs.

So I bought these shoes in size 6, my normal size.  They fit well I think, with a little bit of toe room still.  They seem to be pretty comfortable too.  I really love the way they look - it's exactly what I expected!  The colors are iridescent and they just have a cool urban vibe!

So my pictures are showing these under a pretty bright light.  I think under normal lighting circumstances, they look darker.  So they can still pass for mostly black shoes.

I am pretty stoked about these!  They will definitely make me want to give up my heels once in a while for a more casual look!  I also wonder if I can wear them to the gym.  I wouldn't wear them for cardio, but they seem to provide pretty decent stability so I can probably do weight lifting in them, even lower body exercises.  They would go well with my Splits59 Nova Viper capris with python print lol.

By the way, Macy's also carries them and they are on sale for $89 there.  Here's the black ones and here's the green ones.  =)

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  1. Those look great. I do wear sneakers all the time...I might have to pick these up.


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