Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bella Luxx Shirred Double Layer Tank

I just got this Bella Luxx Shirred Double Layer Tank in Cranberry from Gilt, and it's pretty cute!  I love this brand, and everything I have from them is made with some super soft and luxurious material lol.  This tank is no exception!  It's 100% modal and feels great.  Bella Luxx is made by the same people as Alo Yoga, which has become more and more popular as a workout/yoga/lifestyle brand.  They just opened their own store in Beverly Hills too which I've been meaning to check out!

This tank actually comes in red and black.  I am always getting black or dark colored items nowadays, so I decided to go for the red!  I got it in size S and the fit is exactly how I like!  It's 2 layers so the inner layer is fitted and the outer layer is looser.  Here it is on me:

And you don't have to squeeze your head through the little neck opening lol.  There are 2 snap buttons that can be undone while you are putting the top on:

The inner layer is exactly the same color as the outer:

From the side you can see the inner layer - I think it would be cute too if they had made it a contrasting color!

I'm happy with this tank because I can wear it with pants or shorts in the summer casually, or I can wear it under a suit jacket to work.  I love wearing short or sleeveless tops under jackets because it could get hot if I'm wearing long sleeves.  Plus it's more comfortable not having to deal with sleeves!

Super good deal for this top too!  Only $29 now instead of original retail of $86.  I highly recommend.  =)


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