Thursday, February 4, 2016

Christian Louboutin Peniche Pump

I think these Peniche 140mm pumps I just got are my last Louboutins for a little while lol.  These were up for a really good deal brand new on ebay so I did it again.  I think they are an older style, but I love the loafer and high heel hybrid look!  I wore these once already and got so many compliments on them.  They are definitely unique looking.

The platform and heel are actually a very dark espresso color.  Looks almost black.  It has wood grains on it too:

So despite the fact that they are 140mm high, they are super comfortable because of the double platforms!  As you can see, there is a bit of platform that can be seen from the outside, but there is also another layer hidden on the inside.  I walked around in them for hours.  Not gonna say it was like walking with sneakers on, but definitely not bad at all.  

I think this style is great since it's a bit more casual and looks good with jeans.  Now that I'm starting to wear my Louboutin shoes more often, like to work and out and about, I don't feel as bad buying them lol.  Plus it's not like I'm spending retail on them.  I still can't get my head around spending that much for a pair of shoes, so for now I'm bargain hunting them!  Takes a bit of work and patience, but I'm in no hurry, and it saves a lot of money!

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