Friday, April 29, 2016

Another Lululemon All Tied Up Tank Scoop

Since I love the white Lululemon All Tied Up Tank Scoop that I got, I decided to get the Heathered Grey version as well.  It was sold out online already, but I got a brand new one on ebay for the same price as the "we made too much" price.  It's size 10 though lol.  But hey, the white one is size 8 and fits just fine.  I love that you have a lot of control of how the tank will fit you since you tie it yourself. 

The size 10 definitely scoops more than the size 8, both in the front and armpit areas.  But once I tie it in the back to a point where it's fitted enough, it looks pretty good I think!


Similar to the white one, the bottom hem of this one is metallic as well.  But it's wider, and much more subtle in this one since it's the same color as the rest of the tank:

Here's a close up of the back and side:

Pretty happy with this one!  It will go with everything too.  I actually found a very similar design from Under Armour that's on sale right now for only $23 now - the Take A Chance Tank:

Pretty cute!  It's pretty much the exact same style as the non-scoop version of the Lulu tank.  I am tempted to get it because this is such a cool style!  I love the open back.  The reviews say to size down though.  So here's more colors and sizes of this tank at Dick's, though not on sale.  And more at Amazon but price and sizes vary.  Anyway, good alternative to try out since Lulu is sold out!

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