Thursday, November 27, 2014

Found the Black Aiko Trudie Top! And a Kensie Shirt =)

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am sitting here in a food coma... hahaha.  I came to spend the long weekend with my mom in Nor Cal.  It always means lots of food whenever I come back!  I've been eating nonstop since getting here yesterday evening.  So I guess I have a lot of working out to do in the next weeks!

I am browsing different websites for Black Friday steals.  But so far haven't really found anything too exciting.  So I thought I'd share my latest finds from Ruelala.  By the way, have you guys seen the latest holiday collection from Lululemon?  What happened to this company??  Bad sequins and a print that resembles an old tapestry... I can't even...

Anyway, I fell in love with my white Aiko Trudie top so much that I was on the hunt for it in black as well.  Then it came back to Ruelala in all sizes!  So I grabbed the size S immediately.  It is the same size as the white one I have.  It flowy in the body but the arms fit well.  I just love this style so much!  Ruelala was selling it for $65, which is a bit more than the white one I paid for on ebay, but still much less than the $250 retail!

The back is my favorite, with the perforated leather cutout detail:

Side panels are made of silk:

The second top I got from Ruelala is this Kensie black/white combo woven top.  It was only $19!

I thought this would be a perfect top to wear to work.  Kind of a happy medium between business dress and casual Friday.  I got it in size XS.  I actually wore it to work immediately, with my new belted pencil skirt from The Limited that is also black/white combo!

Hehe that was fun.  I like it when items from different brands come together like this.

Ok, now I'm going to go back to my browsing!  Any good deals you guys are seeing?  This one is the best deal I've found so far - my favorite Vince Scuba Leather jacket for $398 at Nordstrom!  (It retails at $995).  I don't have this color yet, and I have a $50 Nordstrom gift card, so this jacket is going to be mine in about a week lol.  Happy shopping!

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