Friday, May 13, 2016

Cute Lace Skirt from Zara

I went to Zara last weekend with a friend and left with this blue lace skirt!  It's actually constructed pretty well (I find these stores to be hit or miss on this aspect) and it's a great color for spring!  Although, now that I'm looking at it online, Zara has it in 2 colors:  blue and sky blue.  I have no idea which one I got anymore since these 2 colors look so similar online... but I'm leaning towards sky blue...

Sky Blue

I also don't know what is up with Zara's styling.  Maybe I'm just not hip enough lol.

Anyway, I got this skirt in size S.  It's a loose fit.  But I didn't try a size down because I don't want it to be too tight for work.  I have never seen a light blue lace skirt before and I thought that was quite refreshing.  However, I do find it a bit tough to match and I was considering returning it because of that.  When I bought it, I though it would work with white or grey tops and shoes.  But when I tried it on with a gray top at home, it was too close in color to the blue skirt so I just looked blah.  Then I put on a black shirt with it which I didn't think would work.  But it turned out to be ok I think!  So that opens up a lot more possibilities and now I am inclined to keep it.  Haha, decisions decisions!

I am thinking I'll most likely keep it... the $50 price is not bad.  Though it's expensive for Zara, I think.  But not bad in absolute sense especially since it's made well enough.

There's a hidden side zipper on the left, so the back has no zipper.  Just a little slit at the bottom:

I like the wavy edge finish:

This skirt is actually quite similar to a navy DVF skirt I have, which I got a while ago and not sure if I ever posted about it.  But here it is:

This one has a gold zipper on the back though:

Similar looking hem:

Now that I think about it, I actually have quite a few lace skirts.  But I rotate them and have worn all of them to work so I guess that's what I like!  

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