Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Louboutin Lady Peep Vulcano & Confusa Pumps!

Well it sure does feel like I'm buying a lot of Louboutin shoes nowadays lol.  I guess it's true.  These shoes are clearly addicting!  But I've also sold a couple pairs too!  Hahaha.  Sometimes I go on sites like ebay, Poshmark, Tradesy, etc. and browse what they have for sale.  And sometimes I just happen to find really really good deals!  Like if somebody wants to sell brand new Louboutin shoes in rare prints for $350, then I'm all for it.  That's like sample sale prices and I don't even have to stand in line!  Not to mention I heard Louboutin sample sales in NYC are invite-only and notoriously hard to get in.  These sites are hit or miss, of course, and take a lot of patience and some luck too.  But I'm in no hurry.  I just buy what I like when I see them for good prices!  So here are the latest 2 pairs I got.

First I got another pair of Lady Peep pumps, this time in Python Vulcano print in fushia/black.  I've actually seen these before.  They came out in 2015 so they are not that old at all.  I've always loved this print!  I didn't even hesitate buying them for $350!  Here are the newest python Lady Peeps on sale on Louboutin's website as they retail for $1595.  So $350 is quite a deal.  They are size 36 as usual.

I think this print is so cool!  You wouldn't think this paint splatter graffiti type of print would look good over python material but I really like it.  It actually reminds me of like cherry blossoms for some reason lol.  I like the fushia splash of color in the otherwise dark background too.

Also love that the shoe is outlined in black, and the peep toe is black as well:

When they are on, they actually look lighter than I imagined.  From the front view, they are actually mostly white.  They are not as "loud" as you would think.

Ok, so the second pair I'm super happy with are the Confusa Leopard T-Strap Pump.  Even though they are sold out, there are a couple good reviews on the Saks website.  The reviews say that these are some of the most comfortable Louboutin shoes and I tend to agree.  They are 100mm, and the arch is pretty low.  I do feel I could walk forever in them.  They are very very lightweight.

They are kinda crazy looking with the white and black and leopard print!  But I love them...

The part where the straps attach to the thin white leather is rather fragile.  I have to be super careful when putting them on/taking them off, because I'm afraid I might accidentally tear it out!

It's hard to see what they look like without being worn.  So here they are!

I'm pretty happy with my little Louboutin collection so far!  I definitely don't *need* anymore.  But I'm pretty sure I'll continue buying them.  My bf is super annoyed he started my Louboutin buying spree by giving me my first pair as my birthday present lol.  Well.. what can I say!  They really are addicting!


  1. Gorgeous shoes. I really love the pop of fuchsia on your pythons.

  2. The graffiti Loubies are so cool. Do you ever walk a few blocks in them on the street? I would fall flat on my face if I wore high skinny heels to work, lol.

    1. I actually have walked for blocks with my nude Lady Peeps on lol. They really are more comfortable than they look. Yes they are high, but platform is big too. =)


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