Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fendi Peekaboo Monster Bag!!!

At last, I pulled the trigger and got myself the Fendi Peekaboo Monster Bag that I've been obsessed with foreeever!  I've seriously been wanting this bag for the longest time, ever since the first moment I laid eyes on it.  But the price tag of $5300 is a bit hard to swallow!  But I finally talked myself into it.  I've never really spent that much money on a single bag.  My last high priced bag was my Balanciaga City bag which was a birthday gift from my bf, and that was 3 years ago.  Bags just don't get me as excited as shoes do lol.  So, since I finally found a bag that I absolutely LOVE and dream about, I was finally like:  Ok, let's do it!  None of my other bags even come close to this price tag, so this is my first "ultra luxury" bag lol.  Here's the link for this bag on the Fendi website.

Of course, Fendi makes the Peekaboo style in many different colors each season and 4 different sizes (large, regular, mini and micro).  This one is the regular size.  Unfortunately, among the regular sized Peekaboo bags, this one is priced highest.  All the other colors I've seen are in the high 3000s or low 4000s.  But I just had my heart set on this one!  Sigh.  But the whole inner compartment where the monster yellow eyes are is made of python so I guess that's more expensive.  The rest of the bag is calf skin and it is super nice.

By the way, it is extremely hard for the bag to dip in the front like the photo above.  I literally had to push it down and take a picture real fast lol.  It looks more like this on its own:

But here's another reason I was more willing to shell out big dough for this bag - when it's closed up, the monster eyes are completely hidden and it just looks like a black, professional bag!  I love the versatility.  I could totally use this bag to go to an interview and no one would know there's monster eyes hidden inside... hehe.

When it's closed up, it looks exactly the same from the front or back:

Twist lock closure on both sides:

Here is what it looks like from the side when the front part is open:

And closed...

It also comes with a removable shoulder strap:

You can adjust the length of the strap:

Here's the attachment hardware:

It may be a bit hard to see, but the entire inner panel where the yellow eyes are, is made of python:

Close up:

I love that the zipper pocket is red on the inside, and by the way, this is the only zipper pocket that the bag has:

Here's what the inside looks like on the back compartment - it's a very soft and velvety material instead of python on the front compartment:

Here are its legs  =) :

Another thing that comes with the bag that I thought was super cute is the rain coat! 

It even has a picture of the bag on it... adorbs!

Here's the bag wearing it lol:

So cute!  I guess for that price, it better not get wet in the rain!  Hahaha.

Lastly, here it is on me!  I couldn't wait to use it already and went out to dinner with it.  I think the size is perfect.  I would actually struggle to keep it full on both front and back compartments.

I really love how subtle it is.  It really lives up to its name!  Like a monster in hiding lol.  Before I got this bag, I was considering the blue version, but I'm glad I went with black in the end.

I have been just staring at it and petting it nonstop since I got it.  It makes me happier than I even thought possible... lol!  I know this is a splurge item, but that's what I call money well spent!  =D  


  1. I'll put a monster teddy bear in my LV for that price. Way too many other awesome things I could get.. but congrats on the purchase! I hope you love up on it forever and ever :)

  2. Wow! Wish I have that kinda money to spend on a bag! The black one is definitely better than the blue one - nice choice!

  3. I don't get the monster thing...

  4. It should come with a big wad of cash in it for that price��

  5. Beautiful bag!! I just LOVE it!!

  6. Love! Love! Love! Although I could see you rocking the blue too!

  7. Beautiful bag! Totally out of my price range by about $5000, but I'm glad you could get it. I love that it's very classy and understated from the outside but has that fun monster hidden away on the inside. That will surely give you a smile if you're having a rough day.

  8. OMG that is adorable!!! congrats for finally pulling the trigger on something you love :)

  9. You guys are all freaking out on it's price but Fendi is well on the lower end of handbag prices. While $5k is at the top end of an off the shelf Fendi bag it's where a Dior starts bag pricing at. It's not that crazy a price. I've bought 4 for my wife, 2 peekaboo, a by the way, and a dotcom. Fendi makes fun/whimsical bags, the ones I've loved the most, however, are the Dior bags I've gotten her. If you guys go in the stores, touch them, and compare them to the crappy michael kors, coach, and LV Monogram drivel i see all day you'll see the value.

  10. excuse me for my question(()( do u have fendi hograme sticker inside the pocket ? thank you.

  11. its awesome! Thank you for the article actually very helpful and honest. I thought you would see the eyes more obviously . Congrats on the bag. I love love love it! WANT ONE!

  12. Hi, do you still like it as much or have you regretted it or even sold it?

  13. Hi, do you still like it as much or have you regretted it or even sold it?


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