Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ted Baker London Wubty Contrast Trim Mini Dress

I have been crushing on the Ted Baker London Currie dress for quite a while now, but I am waiting for the price to drop lol.  However, Ted Baker was on Hautelook last week and they had a very similar looking dress which was the Wubty Contrast Trim dress in navy.  So I got it instead.  It was super hard to add it to my cart too!  I literally had to periodically refresh my page for like 2 hours.  I was undecided between size 1 and 2.  But my decision was made for me when the only size that became available for like a fraction of a second was size 1.  So that's what I got.

Now that I got it, I think it's just TOO short!  Argh!  I like the style still, but being so conservative looking on top and so short on the bottom just makes it hard to wear.  When I raise my arms while wearing it, the dress actually rises up to like the middle of my butt lol.  Unacceptable!  I was hoping I could wear it to work but that's definitely out.  Size 2 probably would be looser but not much longer so I don't think that's a sizing issue either.  How sad!  It was such a good price on Hautelook too - from $248 to $129.  Oh well.  Money saved I guess.

The collar is actually a bit tight and uncomfortable - I'm not used to having something around my throat.  Now I totally feel guys who have to wear ties all day lol.

The chain connected by bows is cute though:

The cuff detail is cute too:

Well, the Currie dress I've been eyeing is very similar but in black, and the collar and sleeves have lace details.  I actually like it better so maybe I'll give it a shot later if it goes on sale.  I have a feeling it's going to be the same cut and length though.

The Eelah Embellished Dress is also similar.  It comes in navy and red too.

I love these dresses!  But seriously, why so short!!  I thought they would be ok length on me since I'm way shorter than the models.  Sigh.

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