Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Splits59 Semi-Annual Sale Order

Splits59 is having their semi-annual sale right now, and I thought I was all set since I just went to their sample sale, but I ended up having itchy fingers and made an order.  Hahaha.  Well, I actually specifically wanted the Devon Singlette II in everest, since they didn't have this tank at the sample sale.  But when they shipped my order, they sent me an email saying this tank had already been sold out, and I wasn't able to get it.  Boooo...  =(

I also ordered the Camille Support Singlette in white/blue jean.  This one turned out to be a pleasant surprise!  I only ordered it to make up the total of $150 so I could get free shipping on my order lol.  Just by looking at the picture of it on the model, it looks ok.  Very similar to Lululemon's No Limit tank which I have a few of.  But it turned out to be a total winner!

The material used on the body of the tank is a silky soft material.  I really love it.  The bra is thicker, and actually rather supportive.  It doesn't have cup inserts, but it is double layered.  I figure dark color + thick double layered material + white layer over it = A OK.  I also wasn't too sure about the higher neckline on the bra.  But it surprised me that it turned out to be way better than I was afraid of.  I got it in size S and I think that is the right size.

I like the simple blue and white color combo!

I also picked up two more Ashby tanks.  One in camellia and one in liberty.  I use these tanks for everything, and they are great to sleep in as well!  So I can never have enough.  I got size S.

Camellia looks like a bright reddish pink color online to me.  But in person it is just red lol.

In fact, here it is side by side with my Ashby tank that is actually red.  As you can see, they are pretty much exactly the same!  Oh well.  I was actually considering getting another red Ashby tank anyway, since I love it so much.  Now I have a back up.

Red on left, Camellia on right

Liberty is pretty.

The last item I got is a disappointment to me.  Good thing the sale price of $35 is not a huge loss.  It is the Gianna Long Sleeve Run Pullover, which looks amazing on the model:

On me, it looks terrible.  And the material feels terrible too.  It is not the soft French Terry that is used in all the other Splits59 pullovers that I have.  This one feels like a wetsuit.  I would definitely NOT run in it.  It's very thick, heavy and doesn't seem to be breathable at all.  Very shocking.  I got it in size S, which is super tight too.  What a waste.

What's happening in the back??  

I thought this would have been a fun top to have, since it's bright and unique.  But I don't think I'd ever wear this.

I wonder if I ironed it, it would look better??  

I totally thought this top was going to be a good one!  The black mesh part is even built into the back of the top, of a sports bra as you would think when you look at the model's pic.

Ohhhh well... you win some and you lose some, I guess!  

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